Monday, August 03, 2009

What's cooking

Dunno why, this lately saya terlebih rajin masak dinner. Quite frequent I must say. Especially during weekdays (Weekend is for me and fiance to have our lunch/ dinner together outside). Maybe it is because now I’m staying on my own. Or maybe because tak lama lagi nak jadi isteri orang, so I need all the prektis that I can.
So last week terfikir la nak update my cooking in this blog. I must say that my cooking skill got better and better each day. Ayam masak lemak cili padi, Tomyam campur, Sweet & Sour fish, Bubur jagung, and others.
Let me show you some of the pictures yang sempat saya ambil. Siapa nak recipe? Hehehehe

Food presentation adalah penting... hehehe

Close-up: Nasi Goreng Kampung, Telur Mata, Chicken Strips... yummy!

Healthier Choice: Grill Chicken Sandwich, fish nuggets & fries

What else should I try ya?

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