Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sakit Gigi

I have a very2 bad tooth ache today. Probably because my wisdom tooth finally decided to make an appearence. According to my sis, the pain is due to limited space available for the wisdom tooth to come up and it is pushing its way through other teeth... ouch!

I tried to make appointment with my regular dentist in Tmn Tun. But his schedule is impossible. He is only available 4 days from now. So i decided to give a few other dentist a try. The one in Curve and Subang Parade is also full. I never realize how difficult it is too book dentist time. Macam nak book movie pulak.

I'm quite scared to try the normal dentist (the cheaper one i mean). Bukan nak berlagak. I'm just traumatized by all the stories told by my friends about how the end up in more pain and bleeding.

So while waiting for my visit to my dentist, my fiance suggested for me to take a pill that he used to take whenever he had a tooth ache. So i agreed. But I change my mind once he park his car at a kedai runcit (convenient store) and came out with a plastic wraped pill. Since when people actually get their supply of medicine from a convenient store? packaging dia pun tak convincing. The name of the pill is "Wing Heng Tablet" ~ Untuk sakit gigi, sakit kepala, demam & kesakitan. So i assume its a painkiller. It has a Kementerian Kesihatan license tho. K.K.LIU 0655187/HJ. Any body care to check?

But since my pain is unbareable, and it is begining to give me headache, i decided to give it a try. Afterall it has a positive outcome for my fiance. And true enough, after consuming 2 tablets, the pain subside in just 5 minutes!

But people, by saying this, It is not my intention to recommend it to you. You be the judge. hehehe. you are responsible on your own body and teeth for that matter.

Owh btw, i was told that Sakit gigi is the ranked 2nd in the "pain" list.betul ke? Apparently, birth was ranked first. I'm yet to experience that. will share with you once i did. hehehe

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