Monday, April 23, 2007

A few days spent in Kuantan

holiday villa cherating ~ say cheese!

~ Jangan Pandang Belakang

~ giler stressss.....

Phew... finally back in the office. I was in Kuantan for the last 6 days. I had 2 events running simultaneously. One in kuantan town it self, and the other one was in cherating. I’m the organizer for both events.

My time was filled with lots of work and driving (in between cherating and kuantan). I had fun tho. Especially during our free time where we get to play beach volley ball and relax at the beach area.

My housemate, sharn and ita came down to kuantan on Friday and Saturday. They took advantage to do their shopping and spend their weekends in kuantan since they get to spend the night in my room at Hyatt for free =) so the three of us cramp our self on the king bed together. On Friday night, joint by another 5 frens of ours, we had our dinner in Tanjung Lumpur. It was superb. The seafood was fresh and the price was reasonable. Later we watched the midnight movie “Jangan pandang belakang”. I was scared to the spine as the movie about to begin. I really do not fancy horror movie. But farih and poji made fun of each and every scene in the movie, so it turns out to be funny instead.

Owh.. Somebody committed suicide in one of the hotel room on my second night in Hyatt. That’s scary.. But it’s on the other wing of the hotel. In a way I feel “lega” a bit.

I lost my car key on the third day. I spent 3 hours looking for it. Ita and sharn turned the room upside down, in the hope to locate my key. I went to the parking lot to make sure that my car is still there and I told the parking attendant to report should he see anyone other then myself driving the car out since I just lost my key. On my way back to the room in order to join ita and sharn on their mission, I spoke to one of the hotel worker. He told me that on of his colleague found a car key last night in the lobby area, and he did not pass them to the front office and his night shift is over 2 hours ago. So I get him to call the guy and to cut the long story short, I got my key back.. Phew!

I’m in the office right now. Settling a few work, reading a few mails. I’m going back to kuantan 2morow. Will be there until Thursday and I’m leaving for my “pulau” vacation on Friday. Adios!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Expensive purchase of the month

Clarins RM800++

tak cantik jugak lepas nie tak tau lah... I read an article saying that women shud begin to apply anti aging product on their face once their age reach 25, before gravity takes charge =)
Terbanglah 800++ for a complete set consisting of Whitening cleanser, Whitening tonner, under-eye cream (for lines), anti-aging day cream, anti-aging night cream.

MP3 player RM160

Since the nature of my job requires me to travel frequently, meaning lots of time wasted at the airport, transit, cab, etc, I decided it would be a very wise decision for me to invest a small portion of my money for this gadget. Its not an i-pod or wat so ever. But its a decent one. With the capacity to store up to 260 songs, small and funky design, I think its worth the money.

Clothing RM500++ Shoes RM200++

Oh dear! lots of my money spent on clothing this month... and shoes. This is why, i believe, the reason I was not destined for me to be based in KLCC =)


During my stay in the hotel for training dat I attended last week, I had food poisoning. When I woke up one morning (the last day of my 3 days stay), my stomach hurts like hell. I went to the toilet to do the "business". And the pain continued and I can't barely stand. As I walk out of the toilet to drink some water, I blacked-out. All I can remember is that when I open my eyes, Im laying on the bathroom floor, naked, and my whole body was sweating. I stayed there for a few minutes before regaining my strength to text my boss in klcc saying dat Im not feeling well and dat I will not be able to join the meeting. She replied that the meeting will be postponed till the next day since she wanted me to be part of the discussion. I took the cab home. Slept the rest of the day =( I didnt tell my mom what had happened. Just dun feel like it.

Woke up at 12. Had lunch with bf. Attended a Hi-Tea held by one of the magazine in Bangsar. I had fun. Make few new frens. The food was gud and so did the goodie bag that we received.

Me and Nurul went for an audition for one of the game show in the local TV. It was her idea. However, I did participated in the audition. It was fun even tho I fail to answer 80% of the questions asked...hehe. generally it was on general issues which Im not gud at. Gosh.. I need to read more news papers or watsoever.

I went to a 2nd hand book warehouse sale. I bought 7 story books & novel.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


When i left for work this morning, I saw some chaotic at the traffic light near my house. I saw a school bus stranded by the road side (at first I suspected an accident) and school children busy crossing the streets carrying their school bags. When my car stop at the red light, I manage to get the whole idea of what is really happening. The bus broke down (flat tyre or something) and 2 responsible father was busy helping the kids into their car (they cramp into the car like sardines..hehe) to help send them and make sure they get to school on time.

What amuses me was the fact that they themselves are in the rush to get on time to office (they are in shirts and tie) but still they look very calm.. and responsible. Patiently and quickly they get the kids (their kid(s) and also other kids) into their car as many as they could, and quickly send them to school. Dunno y, but I really find this as something refreshing to look at and to ponder on this morning.

flu =(

Im having a flu at the moment. Nak keje pun sgt malas.lost 2 of my most important senses for the past 5 days... the sense of smell and taste.

I've been spending so many days in KL dis few weeks with meetings and discussions. In May alone, I've taken 5 flights from Kuantan to kl.. phew! Im wondering how many points have been accumulated in my enrich card. And im sure this endless travelling somehow contributed to my sickness.

My frens and I went to the Earth, Wind & Fire concert last Friday. Im sure some of you will go "who the hell is that" when I mentioned the name of the band. Its a band that was formed way back in 1980s and with a few ass-kicking-hit-songs. I love the band. I love one of their song in particular. It is called "after the love is gone". The concert is in conjuction with F1. Many VIPs were at the concert. Agung (Tuanku Mizan), PM, Tan Sri President (of my company), Siti and her Datuk-K, and many others. Anyways, I got the tickets for free, and my frens (sarah, kadak, erin & syahril) are going. We had fun, singging, dancing.

Im leaving for KL (again) 2morow afternoon. Im having a 3 days training on customer relationship management at Berjaya Times Square (Hotel). Im so happy, this is so cool, Im so looking forward to it. A week away from office, for a training at a shopping mall... hmmmmm... I just love my work =) hehehe...

The week after next, I'll be managing an exhibition in Kuantan. so I'll be away from the office (again...hehe) for another 2 weeks. And right after dat (yes.. there's more) I'll be packing my bag, with sun-block and bathing suit for a week long holiday on an island.... hehehehe... life is wonderful anyway.

Next vacation

We are going for another vacation.. soon! Its my another favorite place on this planet. Its an island. I'll be updating the details in this blog. Im sure its going to be another valuable memory.

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