Sunday, January 31, 2010

Malaysian Hospitality

I know some of you out there (if not, most of you) despise flight food. Well, I’m not one of you. In fact, I always find them tempting. Especially those served in Malaysian Airline (MAS).

Apart from the food being prepared fresh and clean, they are also finger licking good. On each flight, you will be given two selections to choose from. Normally it’s either between chicken and beef, or, chicken and fish (Meals are only served for flight 2 hours or more I think. If its just for 45mins, makan kacang jer la :p)

I would like to bring your attention to this one particular flight that I took from KL to KK (for work). It was sometime in last December. I opted to have Beef in Soy Sauce (atau daging masak kicap dalam Bahasa Melayu nye) and steam rice. It was dinner time and I was starving. And fair enough, the juicy and tender beef was cooked to perfection served with steaming white rice together with fried mixed vege, yummy! I finished it all… hehehe. Although I was kinda full, I decided to help myself to the Ferrero Roche that was given as a desert (or appetizer), owh how my knees goes all weak for chocolate!

Anyway, when I was about to lean back to the chair, feeling extremely full with the dinner that I had, I saw the stewardess walking with a tray in hand handing out, to my horror (or rather pleasure), tubs of ice creams. Not just any ice cream, but Baskin Robin vanilla ice cream… heaven!

But yeah, you guess right, I finished the tub too (and I swear, at that time, that I will skip dinner for the next few weeks, or so… hehehe)

I was informed by the stewardes that the ice cream was given out as a treat to all guest especially for the holiday season/ school break. Kalau selalu pun best :D

Do you notice the food packaging? It is made from 100% sugar cane fiber. Not only you get to eat good food, you get to be environmentally friendly too!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

How I spent my Saturday

Its Saturday. I woke up rather early considering it is a weekend. At 7.30am I was turning around restlessly on the bed trying hard to put myself back to sleep, but failed. So I turn the PC on and focusing on the long due Wedding Checklist for a friend of mine. I was appointed by him to be his official Wedding Planner. Well, its always been my dream to start my own event management compan and since my current job evolves around managing event, I'm beginning to be kindda good at what I'm doing. Managing/ planning my own wedding makes me enjoying wedding planning even more. Well, I will take this first task as my second testimonial in wedding planning (mine, and this wedding that I'm currently planning). Wish me luck friends!

Went to my mom's for lunch and errrr, doing the laundry (Yes, we are yet to have our own washing machine. "soon" my hubby says). Since the laundry was accumulated for almost 2 weeks, I had to wait for three load to finish everything! adoi la penat...

Later in the evening, hubby and I went to Tropicana City Mall to watch Sherlock Holmes. I know the movie has already been in the cinema for quite sometime. We have been wanting to watch it, but never had the time (ok, I admit, it was because of my frequent travel :p). Most of the major cinema had even already stop showing it.

Anyways, I must admit that while Avatar was over-rated (I'm not a fan, sorry), Sherlock Holmes fails to receive all publicity that it deserve. Hands down, it is one of the best movie I've ever watch, ever.

Since it is already late by the time the movie ends, I decided to make Assam Laksa Maggi Mee for dinner (Yes, I fell for its tempting advert on tv!). But it turns out not to be tempting after all. Hubby finished his portion in an instant (obviously because he is starving), and my portion went into the rubbish bin, in an instant too. I just cant take the Maggi mee with fish in it (Yeah, I even put fish in it as what they advertise on tv). Yuck! I would stick to curry flavor from now on, and vow to never believe whatever I saw on tv from now on!

But you guys can give it a shot, see if it turns out nice.

Friday, January 29, 2010

new zealand natural

I came across the advertisement of New Zealand Natural on the news paper. The Ice Cream outlet is giving 30% off of its hand pack Ice Cream on every 30th of every month. Just like what Baskin Robbins does on every 31st. I’m very familiar of Baskin Robbins’ as I’m a fan, but never tried NZN before; hence I decided to give it a try.

I went to their outlet in the curve simply because not only curve is my favorite mall, but it is also nearer to my house.

NZN has a wide array of ice cream flavors to choose from. However, since I’ve gained 2 kg, Ive decided to try their sorbet and frozen yogurts. Since they are 97% - 99% less fat, I can eat the Ice-cream guilt free!

I've pick Mango Sorbet & Raspberry Frozen Yogurt, Looks yummy right?

They wil pack your hand pack togther with this cute ice cubes to make ur ice cream survive the long journey back home

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



I'm on my outstation trip to Bintulu. I just realized that this is the second time I left hubby sleeping alone at home. But he's ok with it (at least that is what I tought :D). Hubby will be staying with his old "rumah bujang" in Shah Alam while I am away. At least he wont be that lonely.

Anywho, notice the map above? Can you locate where is Bintulu? The reason why I put the map is because I didnt know where Bintulu is. No kidding! I took a two and a half hour MAS flight from KLIA to Bintulu airport, pass by the imigration gate, took a cab in the town and not until I went out for tea with my team that I finally realize I cant decide whether Bintulu is in Sabah or Sarawak.. hahahahahha.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

more on wedding

From left: His, Mine, and Mine :D

door gift for majlis bertandang

door gift for my reception

my slowly fading Inai and wedding ring (luv them :D)

gift for marhaban group

door gift for nikah

more door gift for reception (sponsored by my second sis.. thx sis!)


HIS & HERS (Our wedding shoes)

Im married :) for 30 days now. Cant believe that I'm sumone's wife for a month now.

Alhamdulillah everything went well throughout the ceremony. Everyone closest to me are present at the ceremony. My best friends in primary school, secondary school, my dancing team (yes, I was a traditional dancer in my younger years :D), friends from uni, my room-mates (during 1st, 2nd and 3rd year) in uni, room mates in Kerteh, friends from old work place, friends in kerteh, friends in kl... semua la datang. I feel soooo happy, to be surrounded by people that I care. It just show how they care about me too, care enough to share the joy on my big day.

I lurve my nikah outfit, especially lurve my Sanding dress, lurve my tandang dress. Lurve my sanding shoes, lurve my tudung, lurve my inai, lurve every single thing on my wedding (ye la, who doesnt kan). My hard work spent during the 5 months preparing for the wedding are worth!

Will share some of the pic in my next entry.
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