Monday, May 16, 2011

30 weeks and counting

I'm in my 30th week now. I'm growing really big right now. Get tired easily. Remember how I said that my my pregnancy is kinda easy? well it got hard when I enter the 3rd trimester.

I now have morning sickness. My mood swing is swinging faster. Dont even ask about heart burn. I got it like every hour of every day. But I am not complaining. Just saying.

The only thing that keeps me going is the "kick" that I got every once in a while. It gets stronger and harder nowadays. Mummy knows you are strong cutie pie :) Just hang in there a little longer and Ill see you whenever you are ready. I cant wait to touch, and smell you. I really do.

My belly is growing every day. I got off balance easy nowadays and also a lot more clumsy. The other day, when I got back from work, I feel really hungry. So I decided to make my self a hot cup of milo. I poured boiled water into the mug and carry the hot milo to the living area ready to open a pack of cream cracker. As I was about to sit down, my hand knock on the mug and to my horror the whole content in the mug poured out onto my thigh. OMG!, its burning! I dunno what to do for first aid treatment, and just put the remedy that my mom always use when I was younger, which is toothpaste. It cools down the burning sensation for a while but it is still painfull until today. Still ada red-mark and bruise. (I cant imagine macam mana orang dera kids by pouring boilling water onto the kids body :( sakit ok!)
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