Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spice up Your Day with Sub of the Day

I always have sandwich either for b’fast or lunch. It is the simplest and less-guilt way of indulging your meal. And you get to be creative with them too. Sweet savories like peanut butter jelly, peanut butter and banana, varieties of Jem, and not forgetting fillings such as tuna, chic mayo, roasted turkey and the list goes on and on. All you have to do is put your creative hat on, and experiment.

On my lazy days, I opt of buying them instead. It can be pricey as opposed to preparing them on your own. One sandwich can cost you from RM7 – RM15. (By this, I don’t mean the typical 2 slices of white bread, some tuna with 2 slices of cucumber).

Working in KLCC, I have wide selection of sandwiches to choose from. Coffee shops, bakeries, as well as Restaurant that is specialized in sandwich making.
Few weeks back, I received a promo flyer from Subway. They are currently promoting what they termed as “Spice up Your Day with Sub of the Day”. Each day, you get to buy a “Sub of the day” at RM7.50 (6-inch). The normal price for the selected sandwich is RM10.50. Being a sandwich lover, I’m trilled over the promo. So I decided to give it a try one day. It is Sunday and the “Sub of the Day” is Chicken Teriyaki.

After observing the staff skillfully prepared my sandwich, I finally figured how Subway manages to afford this promo (or maybe it’s only valid for the one in KLCC). Please bear in mind that I always frequent Subway or O’Brien. So I’m quite familiar with them. For “Sub of The Day”, they use less of everything! They put less amount of chicken, only 1 slice of cheese as opposed to the normal 2 slices and less vege. That’s cheating! They cheat customers into thinking that it is a bargain where the actual fact is that you only get what you paid for. Nothing more! Jahat…

Well, like I said, I dunno if every other outlet is using the same “trick”. You can try yourself and tell me your experience.


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