Monday, August 03, 2009

PC Fair?

Last weekend bangun sangat awal. This is all because I wanted to accompany my darling fiance to PC fair. Obsess sgt dia with all this gadgets. He wanted to look for laptop, and I wanted to change the casing of my external hard disk (sy sgt ganas, habis semua patah).

So I woke up early (there goes my sunday!). Susah gila ok nak cari parking around KLCC on weekends, especially when there are events like this one.

We finally decided to park at KLCC and walk to Convec. Sangat la ramai orang.

Finally fiance tak beli pun laptop. He said PC fair every year ada. He will buy them after our wedding. Sian dia, misti simpan duit untuk kawen :D

After changing the casing for my hard disk, we walk back to KLCC for lunch. After lunch, we went to I-Setan, Parkson & Pedro to look for hantaran. The mission is to get shoe for my fiance (beacaue I already got mine). Tapi tunang saya tersangat la cerewetnye. After kaki dah lenguh going from one shop to another, still tak jumpa the one that he wanted.

Walking pass Vincci, nampak byk sgt org berebut2 pilih kasut. Yela, it is Mega Sale. Since it is my intention to buy a platform shoe, I decided to have a look. Do you wanna see what I bought?

Fiance is so impress with my shopping skill. With so many people crowding in the shop, and in less then 45 minutes, I manage to buy 3 pairs of shoe. Sayang, bukan saya pandai shopping, awak tu yang sgt cerewet :p

Since the price range is very affordable, I decided why not!. Kalau Nine West ke, Guess ke, terpaksa la beli satu jer every month.

So ladies, feast your eyes. Hehehehehe. The price range is between RM69.90 to RM79.90(murah giler kan?)and the price is before 20% less!

Pair 1: Nice Brown Heels, I loike!

Pair 2: Finally, a platform!

Pair 3: Ala2 Gladiator Shoe

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