Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 days and counting down!

OMG! just look at the ticker. No kidding, it is 2 days to my big day! Rasa blom puas call my fiance, well errrrmmm, fiance :) After this kena panggil lain pulak (we are still deciding on what to call each other, for the time being we are happy calling each other gf & bf :p)

What do I feel right now? seriously a mixed of everything. Have you heard of the saying "mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena"? well, that is what I'm feeling/ experiencing right now... hehehe

I was busy running around today doing last minute "stuff" for the wedding (I really thot the word Raja Sehari means you get to be a lazy ass literally *sigh*)

Anyway, I'm seriously, 100% sure, looking forward for this Saturday :D

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

I'm a fan of investigative stories. Growing up, I'm addicted to the Nancy Drew series. I lay awake in the middle of the night burying my head in the story books. I always imagine my self as the main character (well, don't we always do? hehehe. Another all time favorite of mine is Sherlock Holmes, and I saw the thriller of the movie the other day. What's more, Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law and Rachel McAdams is in the movie! more reason to watch it!

Nuffnang is giving away free movie tickets to all Sherlock Holmes in the Making out there.. .and I'm one of them! (well, at least, I hope that I'm one :D)

Sunday, December 06, 2009


This is of course not my akad nikah... hehehe. Pic was taken from here (saje nk bagi feel..)

I went to my uncle's (who is also one of witness for my solemnization) to hand over the completed Borang Nikah. The forms are supposed to be given to Juru Nikah (Tok Kadi) 1 week before akad nikah (daymn.. its only 5 days to my wedding!).

I was told that the Kadi is the type that loves to ask a few questions (to the groom that is) prior to the Akad Nikah. My brother in law was also being wedded by the same Kadi. One of the questions asked to him is "In one day, how many time do we required to recite Al-Fatihah?" Due to nervousness, my bro-in-law simply answered 5 times (for no particular reason). And the Kadi said "Ish... tak kan kot. Zohor jer kita dah baca 4 kali" hehehhee. Other questions include rukun Sembahyang, Rukun Nikah and others... hehehe, good luck ye sayang :D (I believe you can do it)

TTW The Movie

Finally I managed to watched this movie! Fiance almost slept half way through the movie... hehehe. I must say that it is quite hard to cramp the whole book into a 2 hour movie. I love the book more then the movie adaptation. But the movie is sooooo romantic. Argghhh, I'm a sucker for romance movie ;p



My family decided to have malam berinai kecik.. *pulak dah*. So, being a very obedient child, I agreed. Hehehe. So all in all, my majlis will be in 3 days in a row! Berinai kecik, then nikah, then reception.

The problem now is to get the make-up artist for malam berinai. Since I wont be changing into so many outfit that nite (in-fact, I will be wearing only one!), I decided not to spend so much on the make-up. Yela, it will only be on my face for few hours jer pun. Berinai, amik gambar, then cuci balik coz nak tido. I tried asking a few places. The boutique that will be doing my pelamin is asking for RM400. Another make-up artist is asking for RM350. And lagi best nye, ada this one bridal shop near my house (tak la grand mana pun kedai dia) tanak buat langsung! The owner told me, quote: “Kami make up untuk pengantin kedai kami jer”. Meaning, you’ll have to get the whole package from them in order for you to be make-up by them. Giler berlagak! First time aku dengar. Heh!

My cousin is suggesting for me to just go and do my make up at the cosmetic counter/ boutique at the shopping mall. They normally charged around RM150 – RM200. Just like I did with Estee Lauder for my engagement. And the result is not disappointing and at a very reasonable rate too. But my problem is that I don’t want to go to the place for make up. Meaning, I want to do it at my house. Yela, nama pun raja sehari kan… so I want to be treated like one :D hehehe. For henna pun I managed to get the artist to come and do it at my house… *sigh*, mana nak cari nie???
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