Sunday, August 30, 2009


During my dinner at a friend’s house, I was served trifle for dessert. It was my first time tasting it and I think it is one of the best desserts apart from ice-cream (with lots and lots of choc fudge and nuts), tapai ice-cream, pudding, etc.

So being the person who loves to try and explore, I tried it my self at home. During my first attempt, the custard mixed with jelly instead of forming a separate layer. On the second attempt, the Swiss roll which I placed at the bottom level floated! I was really frustrated. And it remains floated on my third attempt. I give up!

So after telling my frustrations to the friend, he suggested for me to do a hands on learning from his maid at his house. I agreed. Finally, my trifle turns out in the actual form and taste delicious.

Some ideas that i found on the internet. Yummy!



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