Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the great, the sucks & the fool

2nd April 2006

Dunno why, but Im having a bad days this whole week. Its like a curse. Ifyou were to sit at my work station, chances are, you will not be able toeven find a space to put your coffee cup or even to find a space to moveyour computer mouse!!! Papers are everywhere, documents to be signed,overtime to be approved, invoices to be verified, reports to be submitted,and on, and on. I got so depressed that I almost throw some of the papersinto the shradding machine.

To top the mess, its already Wednesday, and Im still unable to find anyone that can give a lift to KL. It was Wednesday evening that I finally decide to take the express bus instead. So I rush to the bus station and got my hand of a ticket. Thursday morning came, and najib e-mailed me asking if I want a lift to KL. Without hesitation I agreed and wasted my RM 30 in a trade for comfort and time. Arrived KL at 9pm. Some mis communication accured between me and MB (and it is entirely my fault). Im sorry baby! Saya janji tak buat dah :)

Went to Melaka with MB on Saturday to attend the wedding of his Uni's friend. We had a great time wandering around Melaka, watched movies, and all... Like I said, I feel great just to be around him :)

Later, we went to Seremban since I never set my foot in seremban before.. I mean really...Never! He showed me where his school is, and the place where he hang out with his friends. It was so sweet of him to show me all that :) Enuf for that night... The rest is for me and him to remember and cherish:)

MA sent me to the bus station the next morning. I decided to take the morning bus so dat I will not be so tired the next morning. The idea turns out to be bad. I spend 9 horible hours on the bus for a journey that will only take 4 hours on a normal journey. The bus had flat tire, the main door got stucked, the aircond is not functioning, the driver stops two times for a 30 minutes lunch & tea, and it was raining so heavily... The tought of MA kept me calm all the way to kerteh.. But Alhamdulillah, I reached kerteh safely. In the end, that is what matter the most.

By the way, yesterday was 1st of April and it is the day where people around the world celebrated April's fool. I can't help but to recall the days where me and my friends used to play prank on each other and to our teachers...There was one incident where my friends and I were on the bus going back to our campus in Perlis. It was 12pm and it was 1st April. I was sleeping next to a girl friend when suddenly she woke me up saying "S***za!!! Lipas!!!"... And u can guess what happened next. I screamed my heart out, jumping out from my seat and to my horror, the bus driver quickly pull the bus over to see what is happening. Thinking it was funny, the rest of my friends shouted "APRIL FOOL". They were lucky enuf dat the driver can actually smile at their foolish prank. It was a sweet experience though :)

I came across an article in the newspaper today. The verdict is out for the survey conducted annually on April's Fool day. The most foolish people in the world (drum roll please...)

1) Jacko (the faded king of pop)

2) Paris Hilton (who cares if she's a fool or not.. Afterall, she got the beauty and the fortune)

GoAL & GiNCu

29th Mac 2006

I went for a futsal game yesterday. We had so much fun during the game. We scream and laugh our heart out. And I manage to score a goal for my team!!(but my team lost the game, haha).

Our game suppose to end at 9.30 since the court are booked by another team after that. While we are still playing, the next team arrived. It's the guy team. I know some of them.They were very supportive in the sense of criticizing the way we girlsplay, and they decided to schedule for a training in which they offered tobe a free-of-charge coach (Mr Eligible Bachelor is one of them... Suri willdefinitely kill me... Again!) .

And the award goes to..

22nd March 2006

My company held an "Award Dinner" yesterday, and I was selected to host the dinner and also to interview people on the red carpet. This is no celebrities related or anything. It is just an annual company event, where awards will be given to the best executive of the year, best non-executive of the year, best performing plant, etc.

The theme of the nite is red & black. I decided not to waste money on new outfit and to just wear my old black kebaya with a red selendang.I was nervous in the beginning, and got relax as the event begun, thanks to my host partner that night who is so cool and natural. The event went well,and every body had fun.

I left the hotel at 12.30pm. As I was walking at the lobby to the parking area, "F" approaches me (I was inform earlier, dat"F" is an Engineer who happens to be one of "Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor"finalist):

F : Are you going back?
Me : Yes Im.. Sangat penat la
F : Are you driving?
Me : Yup
F : Let me walk you to your car
Me : ok(Shit!!! I will die if suri saw me walking with him... Suri has a crush onhim)And we had a light chat as we walk to my car. Nothing interesting.. Just anormal conversation.

Got home, exchange a few sms and msm with my baby, andsleep.Just as I expected, Suri found out. She send me e-mail asking this and thatthe nest day.I got really anoyed. F doesn't even know dat Suri exist!! Make a move girl,if you really want him. What ever, not that Im interested...

Monday, April 03, 2006

He loves me, He loves me not

23rd March 2006

"Minat bukan bermaksud cinta, bangga bukan bererti cinta, kagum juga
bukan bermaksud cinta, dan suka juga tidak serasi dengan cinta, malah
sayang pun bukan cinta. Tetapi, cinta itu adalah cinta."

Me : awak sayang ke cinta saya?
Him : Saya appreciate cinta awak, saya brtuah dpt cinta awak, saya sayang

"Even the blind can see the obvious - Anonymous"
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