Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New hobby

Im taking up a new hobby. Planting! it helps in reducing the global warming rite? As a matter of fact, I heard on the news dis morning dat the gov is launching a new campaign for all schools in Malaysia to plant at least 3 new three in their school. Last week, I bought 2 seeds, i.e, chilli and lady's finger. And also, I have given my laling a tree for him to plant. Its a sunflower tree. The reasons why I baught the tree in the first place is because of the cute packaging and the step-by-step instructions given at the back of the packaging making it so fun to try. But only later when I got home that I found out that you will have to actually close monitor the growth of the tree, and I begin to loose faith. First you'll have to plant the tree (without fail) 2 times a day for the first 2 weeks. later bila pokok tu dah tumbuh sikit, you will have to put the fertelizer. then after certain duration of time, kena ubah pasu pulak. Darn... I dun have time for that... 3 days I'll be in kerteh. Then in KL for the next 2 days... and God knows where in the next few days.... sian jer pokok tu mati kering nanti... So, all the best laling! really hope that I can see the flower blooming on day nanti =D

**** I took this picture 2 days ago while having keropok lekor and air jagung with Farih and liz at one of the stall by the beach in Paka... beautiful rite.

**** I did some beautification to my bathroom... I put some flowery tiles sticker on the bathroom tiles... cute! Now Im spending more and more time in the bathroom... hahaha

Sunday, June 17, 2007

We are the champion

Last week I participated in the east cost sports carnival. I played tennis as always.. and suffered from sunburn ever since..haha... but it was all worth the suffering. My team (gas business contigent) merged overall champion.

Attended the Bakti Program in Penang. I was in the same flight with Mawi (the guy from AF) back to KL, not that it was a big deal or anything... just feel like writing it down =D but he is not bad looking if you see him in person.

I spent the night in KLIA Pan Pac and took the evening flight to kerteh the next day. Arrived kerteh around 8pm. Went to YPC (young professional club) bbq party. Ada ramai orang kat sana and suddenly I realise there ere actually quite a number of good looking-bachelor-engineer on this lonely place called kertih. hahaha. Where the hell have they been all this while? Maybe dorang stuck kat oil rig sana... or maybe working their ass off in the plant. But dun get me wrong... I’m still madly deeply in love with my baby =D But again.. sapa yang tak suka tgk benda yang cantik.. rite?

Right now my time (in the evening) is occupied with endless training and stamina building activities. This is the preparation for the coming sports carnival early next month.

My tentative schedule (I was paid to be on the road =p)

21 - 23 June : Kuching (vacation)

25 - 27 June : Crowne Plaza Hotel (Media response & Crisis Management Training)

29 - 30 June : KLIA Pan Pac (Department Away day)

4th - 15 July: Bangi (Sports Carnival)

16 - 17 July : Program Bakti Pendidikan, Penang

owh, I almost forget. My grandma's house in Tanjung Tokong was almost destroyed by fire last Saturday. If I’m not mistaken, almost 9 houses were destroyed in the unfortunate incident.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Choices and chances

When we meet the right person to love
when we're at the right place at the right time.
That's CHANCE.
When you meet someone you're attracted to,
that's not a choice.
That's CHANCE.
Being caught up in a moment
(and there's a lot of couples who get together because of this)
is not a choice.
That's also a CHANCE.
The difference is what happens afterward.
Whenwill you take that infatuation, that crush,
thatmind-blowing attraction to the next level?
That'swhen all sanity goes back,
you sit down and contemplate
whether you want to make this
into a concrete relationship or just a fling.
If you decide to love a person,
even with his faults, that's not a chance.
That's CHOICE.
When you choose to be with a person,
no matterwhat,
that's CHOICE.
Even if you know there are many people out there
who are more attractive, smarter, and richer than your mate,
and yet, you decide to love your mate the same,
that's CHOICE.
Infatuation, crushes,attraction comes to us by CHANCE.
But true love that lasts is trulya CHOICE.
A choice that we make.
Regarding soulmates, there's a beautiful movie
quote that I believe is so true about this :
"Fate brings you together, but it's still up to you to make it happen."
I do believe that soulmates do exist.
That there is truly someone made for you.
But it's still up to you to make the choice
if you're going to do something about it or not.

weekend details

It was a long weekend for me.. It was filled with so many interesting activities. Some of the highlights..

Friday - Went to the Insurance agent to get my car insurance and roadtax renewed. Went to The curve to watch Shrek with bf. It was fantastic! Later that night, I went to UM to watch the Ochestra performance (Royal Gala) with my friends. It was my first experience and it turns out to be amazing! A few artist performed together with the UMSO (University Malaya Symphony Orchestra) like Man Kidal, Mus May, Akma AF5 and others...

*** to my horror, the agent called me that evening to inform that they are unable to renew my roadtax since I have 5 traffic summons that I failed to settle. Darn... Now I have to wait until next week bfore I can settle everything. Great!

Saturday - Attended sharn's (my housemate) wedding in Melaka together with ita, shana, and tim. She look so beautiful and radiant. Seri pengantin maybe... but she was so happy to see us came all the way from KL (kerteh to be exact) just to be with her on her big day. To sharn and the love of her life, congratulations!
Anne fetch me at home after maghrib. We went to Bangsar Village and chat while having coffee. Later we went to UKM to fetch another fren of ours (she participated in the Sukan Wanita) who came all the way from Perlis. We had dinner and a nice long conversation in Bangi. After dinner, Anne droped me in USJ and continue my "lepak" with another group of frens... Went home at around 2.30am...

Sunday - Took my two darling nephews to pyramid.. they wanted (so much) to see the shrek.. so there it goes.. I have no choice but to see the movie twice. I had fun tho. To see the happy look in their faces. We had pancakes for B'fast and later I took them for lunch after the movie.

Farih came to fetch me at home around 2pm and we had a drink in Taipan. And head off for Kerteh at around 4pm..

Owh... not forgetting... I had just celebrated my 2nd year (and still counting=) anniversary with the company on 1st June..

berbelah bahagi =(

Layar berbelok-belok
Sauh dibongkar di tempat tenang
Yang tinggal hati tak elok
Yang pergi hati tak senang
Poem taken from Puteri Gunung Ledang the movie
- as being recite by Hang Tuah to Gusti Putri
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