Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Shower

It was a long holiday. For some reason, its is the holiday that I've been dreading of. Most of the people close to me will be away on holiday. FH will be going to Jakarta for a week. Kupu2 going to hotspring in Perak. And I'm stuck in KL from Friday to the next Monday. 4 days without doing nothing!

But it didn't go so bad... so far. I decided to work at HQ on friday. Gila kan? orang lain sume sibuk nak finish off their annual leave, aku plak volunteer to work on my off day. But i do have lots of unfinished business to deal with. Amazing enough i left work at 5.30pm that friday (I was planning to work until 3pm only). Rushing back to home to avoid the unsolve-mystery-of-the-famous-extra-crazy-traffic-in-kl. As I was leaving KLCC, my lil sis called and asked me to pick her hubby and son on my way home. She couldn't leave office anytime soon. We were planning to go to her in-laws hometown in N9 for her son baby shower. So we all gathered at my mom's place and convoyed our way through to N9 (owhhh... I feel sick driving at bukit putus. It was raining, dark and so many huge lorry! and not to mention the sharp turning). The baby shower went well.. and I had so much fun at Kuala Lipis. And I felt in love with N9 dishes.

We arrived kl the next day at 4pm. I quickly rang anne, my best buddy and ask her to go to ikea with me. From today's newspaper, i can see that ikea is having a new year's sale and the price is rediculously cheap! So we went and had our dinner at ikea and spent the next 3 hours bargain huntting. I bought a kopitiam table and stools at a discounted price of RM399 (NP: RM 499), a garden table at RM49 (NP: RM79), Stand lamp at RM99 (NP: RM199), and I was really, really satisfied :)

This morning I woke up and had bfast with MS at Taman Tun (Santai). I had and a really delicous Laksa Johor and he had nasi lemak which is not so bad as well. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the house and my room, and watch dvd.
Later I went for dinner with MB at TGIF Curve. We watch the Liverpool vs New Castle game (Liv-5, New-1). I told him that I watched a movie titled Gia (played by Angie Jolie) and I found the movie to be very disturbing. and his response "hehehe.. the movie was based on a true story"... Like I don't know! I cant help to wonder what/ how would FH respond to my statement just now. he would deffinitely say sumthing like "what makes u think the movie disturbing?" or something more brilliant... *sigh*

I'm leaving for kerteh 2morow. 3 days left to work in kerteh before being officially transfered to KL. Adeh... I feel so sad and so excited at the same time. But more towards sad maybe... I've spent nearly 4 years there. So many memories.. most of them are sweet ones.. Especially the one... arghhh.. I dunno

- Today is 1 Muharam. today, 28 years ago, I was born to this world.

Friday, December 12, 2008

TGIF... but I'm still working

Harini rasa penat sikit. maybe because penat semalam driving all the way from kerteh blom hilang lagi. It was raining all the way from Gambang to Maran. I always hated driving in the rain. Well, since the "incident", i must say. If it rains, i will hafta give twice concentration to the road. But most importantly, i arrived safely.
Once reached home, i quickly jump on to my bed with the hope of falling into nap for an hour or so. Tapi tak berjaya. so i decided to take a shower and head to S'alam to have dinner with MB. we went to a restaurant in SS7. He had chicken rice, I had cheese burger (half of it actually, and MB help to finish the rest of it) and we both shared Dim Sum. the food was tasty and the price was reasonable too.
I woke up early this morning. Attended a meeting at DayaBumi. Had lunch with my Kupu2 at TGIF Curve (mana lagi kan kalau tak my fav place :p)the traffic was mad all the way from Bangsar to Damansara. Mcm nak patah kaki dok tekan clutch. I really should consider AT car bila dah transfer nanti... hmmm...
After lunch, met FH to catch the movie "the day the earth stood still". What can i say about the movie? one word = sucks. It is just not my cup of tea. Only good is that FH is with me :D I'm happy. miss him so much. Lama tak spend time talking to him. Somehow he is the only guy who can connect with me, verbally.
Went home straight afterwards. I'm planning to go for a facial 2morow noon. Till my next entry.. i'm so sleepy rite now. chiow.

1) Receive a text from my big boss complimenting my work :D
2) Watching movie with FH
3) Able to talk to someone who actually listen to what I'm saying

1) People around me who owe me money but pretend like they owe me nothing. make me sick
2) Don't feel comfortable at my own home
3) Missing my nephew

Monday, December 08, 2008

body of lies

It’s been a long day for me today. Muslims all around the world are celebrating Aidiladha today; needless to say some are celebrating it a day earlier compared to the rest. I can pretty much predict how it is going to be like, celebrating it in KL. I'm not sure for other family, but mine is just like any other public holiday. Perhaps, the only different is that I can hear the "takbir raya" since the Surau is situated just next to my house. What else is different? owh yes, some of my family member took the effort to wake up early, shower and dress in Baju Kurung/ Baju Melayu, while there were few ignorance others who just couldn't be bothered. And my mom cooks something more special as compared to other days. Other then this, everything else remained. No family gathering as usual, no family eating together as usual, no lemang, no ketupat or any other festivities food for that matter. I feel so sad, took the car key and went to the nearby bakery to buy cake in the hope of making the dining table merrier. Pathetic, sad, gloomy, and depressing; those are that best describe my feeing today. But hey, life goes on right? It is not the end of the world, some of you might say.

I survived the morning. My sister and I went to our dad’s place at noon. It was a whole lot better there. My dad cooks my favorite Nasi Tomato.

I went to The Curve in the evening. I guess this is the most pleasant part of my day by far. I have always found this place to be appealing. It never fails to make me happy. Today is no different. We went to Ikea to have it infamous curry puff and coffee. Later, we went to watch Body of Lies staring Leonardo Decarpio. I always hated violent movie. And this movie makes me vomited towards the end of the movie. It was really, really brutal, racist, and sadistic. I hate war! Wonder when the world will finally be at peace.

We drop by at my kupu-kupu’s place (kupu2 = my second cousin) to take the frozen curry puff that she brought back from her kampong. Arrived home at 15 minutes past 10. My younger sister had left to stay at her mother in laws place for the next 1 month, along with my 3 months old nephew. Daniel (one of my fav nephew) is asleep. Suddenly I feel empty again. For some reason, I’m looking forward to go back to Kerteh tomorrow.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

my world

updates and what not

geee... the last time i've been here was 2007. and now '09 is just around the corner. time does flies... I was 'networking' with few friends on the facebook when i suddenly recall my long lost passion, blogging. my first instinct was to open "ulatcomel" and see if her blog 'dah bersawang' like mine. And to my surprise, not only did she updated her blog consistently, she also made my 'magicalworld' looks like it came from stone-age :p hehehe... congratulation my friend. Since we were both busy with our life, and the geographical distance between us which made catching up with each others life almost impossible, ur blog kept me updated on ur life in just 2 hours!

It took me almost 15 minutes to figure out the name of ly blog (can you imagine!) and another 10 minutes or so to recall the user namne and password!

well, well, well. what's up with me for the past 2 years or so. A lot I must say. I've travelled a few places such as Jakarta, Bali, Phuket, and a few places in Malaysia. My next trip would be to London, Paris and Spain which is scheduled in March next year. I'm now a certified one star diver (yes, you heard me rite, Scuba Diving :p), I've dived Pulau Tenggol & Tioman and planning on a trip to Bali & Sipadan. I will be transfering to KL very, very soon (IsyaAlla), still doing PR and loving every minute of it. And my biggest accomplishment by far is owning a house!

Ofcourse there are few things which I'm still struggling with. I'm still trying (not so hard) to get "Jessica Alba" hot bod, trying to find my soulmate (yeah, after all these years, I'm still single!), still trying to reduce my temptation on chocolate, shoes, and impulsive shopping.

So many things happened for the past two years, and it is obviously impossible for me to write it all in just one entry.

So much that i love to write & read, time is not on my side. But I'm not complaining as my nature of work still give me the opportunity to write. Invitations, communications with the management & staff, reports, promos, articles, press releases, speeches, etc. I write a lot. I communicate a lot, I travel a lot, meet lots of people, and work 7 days a week, around the clock.

This basically explains why my last entry was approx. 2 years ago. But I will try (this is not a promise tho) to write more here. at least this serves as my memory, of the things that I wishes to remember.

I dun care if no one read my blog (who have the interest to read this dull page anyway). But i will continue to write. I will try.

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