Sunday, March 11, 2007


This lately I couldn't help but to wonder if my housing area has turn into some kind of wild life safari or what? On 2 separate occasions, snake were found in 2 houses (pic above is one of the incident). And the house is located just a few rows from my house (damnation!).Its not just a normal snake. Its a poisonous "ular tedung" (what ever it is called in English). And also not forgetting the wild boar. OMG!!!

Cite Ular

Shana : kat mane tuh ? peciter die?

Me: Ular tu masuk umah En Syed, manager KDRP (lorong 59 ke apa ntah.. tak ingat) hari Ahad minggu lepas. Dia masuk ikut sliding door... the dia melepak kat ruang tamu (saliza rasa dia nak tumpang tgk tv =p). masa dorang nampak tu, dia berdiri tegak (kat dinding). Then panggil bomba. bomba pun takut nak tangkap sebb Ular Tedung (very poisonous).. kalo Ular Sawa leh tangkap masuk zoo.. so dorang tembak jer la... sekian.
Sumber berita : di cerita secara live oleh Kak Rahila (Wife En Zul, GM
ECRO) kepada saya semasa Hi-tea di KDRP =)

Shana : Comey nyer cara bercerite, leh masuk pertandingan bercerite utk kanak2....huhu...sweet....

Yan : kata ganti nama utk binatang dia ke.hehehe
agaknya ular ni sedara ngan ular rantau bukit hr tu

Cite Pumba (Pet name given by me and my housemates)

HN... malam kelmarin aku kluar rumah dalam midnight la
HN... ada babi sondol tong sampah kau
SM... hahaha
SM... babi memang suka betul kat umah aku
SM... dunno why
SM... especially kat tingkap bilik aku
SM... ita selalu nampak dia dok situ
SM... aku rasa tu playground dia
HN... amik la gamba
SM... aku nak amik gambar
SM... tapi selalu tak sempat
HN... hmmmm
HN... tapi besar la diorang
HN... cuak je aku takut terlanggar
SM... ko nampak brape ekor?
HN.. sekor je (But actually kat area rumah kita ada more then 3)
HN... midnight shift

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Weekend in Kerteh

Spent my last weekend in kerteh. It was not bad actually since my housemate and I manage to find a few activities to do.

woke up at 9am =) went for b'fast with Tim, Ita, chura and Sharn. While having our roti canai and teh tarik, we decided to spend our friday in Kuantan. So off we go at 12pm.Had our lunch at Kenny Rogers in Megamall. I wonder if the management of Kenny Rogers implemented any Q.C for their outlets or not, but the taste of the chicken & side dishes in the Megamall outlet was yucky! Later, we did what we girls are good at, shopping! hehe.. I bought a few stuff from Body Shop (blusher, lipstick, and body butter), and vitamins from Watson. They always say that we have to look pretty from inside out right =p
We decided to watch a movie after we got all tired and exhausted. the movie called "Bridge to Terabithia". It was fun but quite drastic I must say. Especially when the girl Leslie died towards the end of the movie. It was too sudden and unacceptable. I got all depressed and emotional. On a lighter note, it was a good movie especially for kids since there are so many values (positive ones) that can be learnt from it.

At 7.30pm, we went for a walk at Teluk Chempedak. No further description required. My interest on beaches explained it all.
Had our dinner in Kemaman. Reached home around 11pm. We were tired, happy, statisfied, exhausted, all at the same time.


Went to the office to assist on a Plant Visit. Half of my day were gone. Took a nap from 2pm to 5.30pm. Wash and vacum my car. Went for dinner with Ita, shana and sharn. Help sharn out with her hantaran (she's getting married in June). And I slept early since 2morow is a working day.

note: Communication, distance and more communication. This is what we are lacking and taking us apart...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dr Grey

Im addicted to Grey's Anatomy right now. Its a no wonder why the series received so many awards at the Oscar. I've been watching the episodes back-to-back last night without realising it was already 3.30am. Somehow I felt there's a connection between the main cast, Dr Meredith Grey and myself. hmmm..

Several significant things happened in my life today (considering nothing more significant could ever happen to me here in Kerteh).

1) My group won the Futsal match againts Bomba Team =) and I won an Electrical Appliance.

2) My mom just called to inform me that my neighbour (who is 2 years younger then me) met with an accident and had past away a few hours ago.I remembered when we were younger (7 or 8 years old), my sister and I would go to the playground together. He is the one who thaught us how to ride the bicycle, how to skate on a roller-blade, played with us "pondok-pondok", rounders, and many more. we grew up together. It was sad, he just got married and expecting a baby anytime soon. Oh dear, this is very depressing =( I just cant hardly sleep that night

3) Did my year end Performance Evaluation (My co's is following our fianancial year Mar - Apr, instead of the normal calender year). And the feedback that I got from my superior is very encouraging:

Good in communications at all levels. Adapt easily to any working situations. Good in problem solving. Hardworking and always remembers dateline and assignments.
Highly motivated and focus driven.
Takes courage and willing to take up challenges
Very good communication and people relation skills
Has potential to be a leader
Highly confident

Sunday, March 04, 2007


I went to Miri last weekend. It was a holiday trip. Miri was amazing. the places and scenery was beautiful and amazingly clean. There is a park called "Taman Awam Miri" which I particularly amazed. It has all the facilities such as water theme park for kids (like the one in Sunway Lagoon, but in a smaller scale), BBQ pit, Picnic Area, Observation Tower, and hanging bridge. The best part is, the place are open to public daily at no entrance fee at all.

Other interesting places that I've visited are The Grand Old Lady, Petroleum Museum, Saberkas Weekend Market, Tamu Muhibah, Miri Esplanade, Asian Bridge (It cost us RM10 just to cross the bridge, but I think it is worth the money), and also the border of Brunei. Unfortunately we didn't manage to cross the border since we did not have International Passport with us.

Sunday was my sis engagement ceremony. Question of da day was "Bila Liza nak kawin???"

Ita just baught an appartment last Friday. Buying a house was like buying shoes for her. She went to look at 2 show houses, decided on one, and filled up the necessary documents for loan. The cost of the house, I was told, is RM200k ++. errmmmm...
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