Tuesday, June 29, 2010

La Senza Semi Annual Sale!!!

Prestige Cardholders will receive an additional 15% off total nett purchase from 1st - 4th july 2010! I'm so excited as I'm one of the cardholder! jom! hehehehhe

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hari Bertelur

Hubby and I been trying hard for the past few months to conceive. But until now, luck is yet to be on our side. "Blom ada rezeki" like most of you out there would say.

Hence, I've been reading a lot on the internet about pregnancy, fertility and everything about the topic. And I found out (well, just realized) that women's "egg" only survive for 24 hours after ovulating! And that gives you a window of 1 day to conceive. What are the odds that every month, bila saya bertelur, I was actually on outstation?

I was becoming more and more anxious which lead my reading/ research on the internet to the topic of ovulation. Women can tell when they are actually ovulating. Signs like change of basal-body temperature, "discharge" from your body, muscle cramp (similar to period pain), and others... But thanks to medical technology, they came up with a test kit called Ovulation Test Kit (OTK) that will help you pin-point to THE day before you ovulate. Easy-peasy, all you need to do is pea on the stick! Meaning, once the test is positive, you will actually ovulate in the next 24 to 32 hours! So this is the best time for you to make babies! (read: Make lurve, as it increase the chance for you to conceive. You can just Google about this topic and go mad reading all about it.

I started testing on the 11th day from the first day that I got my period (just like how it was told in the leaflet). The first 3 reading showed a negative result. But it was positive on the 4th day!!!!!! I was so excited (macam la positive on pregnancy test :p) I didn't tell hubby about the result, takmo both of us pressure during the process (you-know-what).

So fingers crossed... Kalau ada rezeki, InsyaAllah...

Ovulation test kit

From below:

1) the first 2 test that I took showed the test line (first line) is lighter then the control line (second line)
2) The 4th test (I lost the 3rd test kit) showed the Test Line is darker then the control line... so its positive!

Monday, June 21, 2010

LIPTON Chocolate Milk Tea

The other day when I walked past the workstation of a colleague, I saw the sachet of the new Lipton Chocolate Flavored Tea. I was tempted just looking at the packaging! (I'm holding a Degree in Marketing, and yet, I fall easily with all these marketing strategies!)

And true enough, I went straight to the hypermarket the next day and got myself a packet of the Choc Flavored Tea. My verdict: It Taste Sucks. Chocolate and tea, is totally not a good chemistry. Now siapa nak habiskan the remaining sachets?

Aren't you tempted just by looking at the packaging? no?

I bruised easily

I bruised easily... theoretically and literally.. hahaha.. saya nie cepat terasa/ tersentuh hati/ merajuk..

And if I knocked myself over something, I will easily bleed or bruised. And I'm accident prone too. I loose my balance easily hence knocked on things frequently too. Langgar tombol la, jatuh tannga la, langgar meja la, and so on.

Let's take last week for instance. I lost my balance while making my way out from a toilet in The Curve. As a result, I knocked my arm on the door knob! and as a result, a very bad bruise that lasted almost 2 weeks! haih...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

which side of the bed?

It took me and hubby 6 months to get it right. I mean, who sleeps on which side of the bed.

Right after married, I cant really recall which side of the bed did I slept on. Simply because we change sides most of the nights (And we were too busy doing "other things" as well.. hehe).

Been single for the past 28 years of our life, we get to have the bed to ourselves. So it doesn't really matte,r as you get to sleep at any spot on the bed as you wish. But after married, you are required to share the other half of your bed with your well, other half.

The first few weeks, I will be sleeping on his left, and whenever we go for vacation or outstation, I'll be sleeping on his right. And a few weeks after, this will change. I will begin to sleep on his right pulak.

Finally, last night, we agreed that I will be sleeping on his left from now on. This is because we discovered that he like to turn to his left and me, i like to turn to my right while sleeping. So with this arrangement, we will be facing each other instead of turning our backs to each other while sleeping.

I problem solved. (I know more to come... adjusting living together)

Are there any written/ unwritten rules as to which side of the bed should the hubby/wifey be sleeping?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My Water Moments

Do you have a Water Moments? The moment where you really indulge yourself in water and have fun? Well I do.

My Water Moments are during my first actual diving experience. It was 2 years ago in Pualau Tenggol, Terengganu during my Open Water Diving (OWD) test before I can get the actual license.

Anxious, thrilled, nervous, are the three words to describe my feelings as we gathered at the Jetty in Dungun on that beautiful morning. There were six new students (including me) who are scheduled to do our OWD test. Our 4D3N trip was joined by 12 other certified divers.

We reached Tenggol around 11am after a long 1 and half hour journey by boat. After listening to the briefing by the resort operator, checked in and had our scrumptious lunch we quickly kit up and get ready for our first dive!

Being the underwater “virgin”, we failed to adjust our buoyancy accordingly and most of the time lost our control and fin our way clumsily. As a result, we successfully created, "the underwater sand storm". Most of our time spent underwater filled with the attempt to find the right buoyancy.

That's me (in white shirt)! getting my gear ready for the next dive :)

The OWD test is carried out on our 8 dives!We were required to do mouth piece & mask clearing, buddy breathing, ditch & don, as well as buoyancy control. Although we were quite nervous, but all the long hours spent in the pool with thorough training really pays! We made it…

Since that was our first experiece diving, naturally we want to TAKE A PICTURE! But since non of us (the new diver) have a water proof camera, we have to take turn take pictures.. so there were not even a single picture of all 6 of us in the water :(

The photos could have been better if I had a water-proof camera like the Sony TX5. We would be able to capture a few precious moments in the water together.

Do you notice that most of the pictures (all of it actually) were taken from the boat? How I wish we had a camera that I can carry down to the water and take a better pictures.

Since I really-really enjoy water sports like diving & snorkeling, I really wish to have a water proof camera.

Here is what on top of my wish list. Cyber-shot TX5 by SONY. The features of the camera are so impressive.

• Water-proof (up to 3 meters)
• Handheld Twilight
• Intelligent Sweep Panorama
• “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor
• BIONZ Image Processor
• 25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar lens

Dive in with the water-proof Cyber-shot TX5. Capture beautiful underwater shots up to 3m deep for up to 60 minutes*.


Keep on shooting even below freezing point up to –10ÂșC** with this tough camera in harsh weather conditions.


With the superb dust-resistance of the Cyber-shot TX5, you can be assured to always get spotless images whatever the environment is!


The shock-proof design of the Cyber-shot TX5 allows drops of up to a height of 1.5m*, the usual height we hold the camera for photo-taking.

Visit >>HERE<< for more info

The compact Cyber-shot TX5 is built to be water-, shock-, dust- and temperature-proof! With features like Intelligent Sweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and Anti-motion blur, TX5 give you the photographic power to shoot in style whenever, wherever.

Me and hubby is planning for our second honeymoon to Mabul! Cyber-shot TX5 is going to be so perfect for My Water Moments at the Island!

Mixed Match

I'm going back to hubby's kampung this weekend. My PIL (Parents in Law) insisted for us to attend a cousin's wedding in Alor Setar.

The next thing that came to my mind is what to wear? Having "kampung' in mind, I need a pair of baju kurung that is not too transparent, or flashy or tight. And remember that I have to wear tudung. All baju kurung that I currently have is either see-through or body fitting. Doesn't jive with tudung.

So after work today, I went to Giant in Kota Damansara to check out a shop there. There's a boutique name Wrapz (macam nama kedai makan kan?) that sells nice Baju Kurung at a very affordable price. I baught my last year's baju raya there.

I tried on a few nice pair. I like them but I have a tiny weeny problem. I tried both sizes 42 and 44 (yeah, I'm that big now!). Size 42 top fits me nicely, but I cant zip its sarong! I can fit size 44 bottom nicely but the top is too loose. I'm miserable. But the shop owner is so nice to let me swap the sizes! He told me he let me take size 42 top and 44 bottom only because I'm a regular customer. SO nice of him... hehehe. Owh, and the price is discounted from RM199 to RM180.

Now I need to find a tudung that matches the baju kurung.... hmmmm

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan

We went to watch "Lagenda Budak Setan" at e@Curve today. I'm sure most of you out there grow up reading the novel of the same title by the famous Ahadiat Akashah. Verdict of the movie? I like it. Ada a few slots yang sangat sedey. If its not because hubby yang dok turn every now and then to check if I'm quitely crying, I would have sob myself away.

Tapi the plot towards the end of the movie is very frustrating and ada some of the plot to I felt like unnecessary pun.. Like the plot that "Kashah" got beaten up because his boss's boyfriend is jealous. Not related at all to the whole story-line. But hubby said it probably has connection with the sequel. We'll wait and see.

Go and check-out for yourself, and decide. Bila lagi nak support cerita melayu kan? hehehe. Trust me, it is quite good actually.

The promo poster of Lagenda Budak Setan. Cantik kan?


This is the cover of the famous novel by Ahadiat Akashah


Football Fever Everywhere

Hubby and I decided to have our Sunday lunch at Secret Recipe. In conjunction with the World Cup, Secret Recipe is having a lunch promotion that they call "Football Fever" set meal promo.

This Football Fever Special runs from 1st June to 10th August 2010 (12 noon to 3pm). It has 3 meals to choose from which include Spaghetti Meatballs (Normal price RM15.50, Thai Green Curry Chicken with Side Steam Rice and Fish & Chips (normal price RM16). The meals comes with a can of Pepsi.

This is a free appetizer. I think this is meant to keep you "busy" while waiting for your food to arrive. Physiological method, very effective :D And it is very tasty too.

Pepsi as part of the meal promo

Hubby had this yummy fish & chips. The portion is generous too. Worth your every ringgit.

I did not take the promo meals, as Ive been craving to have this Vietnamese Beef Noodles. Price RM15.50

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Relax people, im not pregnant yet. It’s just the title :D

I often came across statements in the books or magazines that I read, or movies that I watched that say “the baby was conceived when I was in Span” “you were conceived during our honeymoon in bahamas” “honey, you were conceived on this pinball machine” “we name our son Brooklyn because he was conceived there” and bla.. bla.. bla

How do these people know for sure that their baby was conceived at that particular time or place? Do you have sex like only once in a week? What if you do it 3 times a week at a different place all the times? How do you know for sure? Will the Doctor be able to tell you the exact date & time the baby were conceived?

I so need to buy myself ‘Pregnant for Dummies’

Friday, June 04, 2010

Yet another lovely non-working Friday

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a Public Holiday. It's Agung's Birthday. My company gave us a replacement holiday on Friday, which is today.. Yehaww!

Tapi kesian hubby, he has to work.. hehehe. SO I decided to make his morning by making him Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)for his breakfast. I woke up at 6am to cook. Tak guna perencah instant ok, I made it from scratch.

After he left for work, I begin to do some house keeping. Putting back the spare pillow, blanket and comforter, that was used by my in-laws last week, back in the cabinet, and other normal house work.

After that, I went to pay the bills (water, electricity, internet, phone, and Cukai Pintu). Mind you, the Cukai Pintu is bloody expensive! I just knew that all property owner are required to pay Cukai Pintu twice a year. Mine is RM252 for half year, and I forgot the pay it, and now, the outstanding is RM524 (RM20 penalty for late payment, haih!). Nasib baik tak kena repossess rumah saya..

Next on the list, is The Curve! I went there for about 2 hours. Window shopping la konon, which I ended up buying yet another pair of shoe (Ada sale ok! who can resist?)

Feast your eyes people!

My shopping bag (most of them are food :D)

The shoe from Vincci. Less 50%. From RM69 it was reduced to RM34.50. Me likey :D
Guna duit balance yang hubby bagi to pay the utilities bill :)

My favorite cuppies by far, from Cupcake Chic.RedValvet (Redvallet cake and Creme Cheese frosting) and Chocoffee (Coffee falovered cake and chocolate toppings) and ~ Yummy! RM4.50 each

KL Bird park is having its promo at IKANO. They even set up a mini bird zoo inside the mall! In conjunction with the event, they are selling entrance ticket to KL Bird Park at a discounted price. Adult: RM10 (original price: RM20), Child (3yrs to 12yrs): RM5 (Original price: RM10). Since i never been to the bird park before, I decided to buy the tickets. I bought one for my nephew too! the ticket is valid until end of this year. Owh, I found out that the KL Bird Park is the largest indoor bird park in the world!

This is my lunch... hehe. Chicken TripleDecker Sandwich from O'Brien. Yummy!

This is the new take away bag from O'brien. Nice huh?

And that is how is spent my friday. Phew

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Magic Can

My best friend, FHMF always said that I'm easily impressed. I'm just like a little girl who easily gets excited over anything and everything that is "magical".

And "excited" is the feeling that I got when I found this magical can at PETRONAS MESRA kiosk. It is called HotCan. With the tagline "gets hot anytime, anywhere", you get to enjoy this drinks, hot, anytime you want. Hot drinks in a can, no kidding!

There are 3 types available, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, and Hot Chocolate. I forgot the price, but it is about RM8++. It is using a self-heating-can technology. Now you get to enjoy your favorite drink, hot, anytime you want. Tak payah susah2 cari Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Interesting no?

Here's how it works. First, you need to go to any MESRA kiosk to get this HotCan (not sure if its selling else where, so far I only find it in MESRA). Read the instruction at the back of the can carefully.

HotCan Cafe Latte. Gets hot anytime, anywhere. It is made in Malaysia and most importantly, Halal.

Here is the 3 easy to follow steps.

-Turn upside down, remove seal on base of can and press activation button

- whilst upside down, shake the can gently for 20 seconds and then turn upright

- Make sure the can is upright. Wait 3 minutes for the drinks to get hot. Open the can and ENJOY!

And the drink gets steaming hot. AMAZING HUH? Saya sangat impress! hehehe

weight issue

This is me, about 1 year ago. Now add another 10kg to the above, you get the now me.. gosh! I'm so worried. I have a lot of hard work to do to get back to being the above.

Have you ever heard the old saying that goes like this: "Worry is like a sitting on a rocking chair. It os something to do, but it will not get you anywhere"

Come on LIZA!
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