Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sharapova who?


My plant ( there are altogether 2 plant for Petronas Gas, namely, GPP A & GPP B) is organizing Solat hajat for one of the plant turn around that scheduled to take place this Julai. The solat hajat will be held today @ 1pm. I brought my telekung a long this morning. I was looking forward for that solat hajat, since I have a few other hajat untuk di doakan. But unfortunately, I got my period at 10am. So there goes solat hajat... Tapau food from cafe, and had my lunch in the office. After lunch, I begin to feel the pain. Macam nak balik rumah jer... But Its already 3.30. So I try to bear with the pain for a while.

Coach called me to confirmed on this evening’s training... Damn! But I have no choice, the tournament is in less than 2 weeks (I’m representing my company for tennis during this coming sports carnival ha..ha...). I leave office at 5.15. Arrive home at 5.30. I have another 30minutes before the training begun. So I decided to lay on the bed for a while hoping the pain would ease a little. Tapi it turns out that I terlelap la pulak! By the time I woke up, its already 30 minutes past 6! My coach must be bloody mad at me. I look at my hp, and there’s 7 missed calls, and all are from my coach. There is also a sms. Its from my coach! It reads:

"Sorry saliza, I tak dpt turun ari ni. Insyaallah besok sampai khamis kita practise"

Lega! So I continued my sleep. Tutup curtain, pull my blanket.... I felt deep into the wonderland. I slept so tight and woke up at 11.30! Baru sedar yang I am still wearing baju kurung, blom mandi and blom dinner. So I quickly take my shower (sgt sejuk!) And had freash milk and toast sandwich for dinner... Now I am comfortable to sleep again...ha..ha..ha... And that is exactly what I did! Tido again from 12.30 and woke up again at 7am. I slept 12 hours that night and that is half of the day! I wasted half of my day sleeping! (but it is worth it considering there is no other benificial activities that you can do in kertih) .

* supposed to attend the wedding of my clerk’s daughter... Guess I will just give the wedding gift on Monday instead.


I am scheduled to have training on audit today. I was late and quickly drove to the training building. The trainee has begun the session... I just give my sweetest smile ever, and quickly find a place to sit...

The training is very informative. So I was glad to attend it. We got RM5 coupon for lunch. But I didn’t manage to go for lunch since I have to hurry back to office. Have to sign a few documents and to approve a few things on line. Called up the cafeteria and ordered Nasi Goreng Ayam and Orange Sunquick. Tapau for malam instead. 2.15pm, rushed back to the training department. The training ends at 4.30. Went to the cafeteria to get my meal. And rushed back home to attend traning pulak (chewah... Mcm org busy jer).

Coach is already at the court when I arrived. Its kindda weird because he is sweating like a pig and I don’t see anyone else there. Dia main dgn siapa ye? Anyway, I am learning how to serve today (hello! Not that I don’t know how to serve, but he is teaching me how to serve like a Pro!).I practised so hard that I feel I had torn my arm tissue muscle (ala... Mcm footballer tu... Tisu terkoyak). Buat muka letih, but coach buat tak faham...

At 6.30, people begin to fill the court (there are 6 courts all together at the club). Sheikh and azhan is playing in the court next to mine... When I was talking to coach (actually coach is scolding me... Dia kata I am holding the grip mcm org tak makan 10 hari) suddenly a very fast and strong ball coming towards my direction and hit me exactly on my right B*e*ST!!! AUCH!!!!!!!!! Thats hurt! I almost cried. But since the ball hits me at a very strategic place, I just ignore the pain to cover the shame. Azhan is the caused. He look so guilty... He appologies thousand times... And I assured him that everything is fine.balik rumah, I quickly check the spot. Takut it will ruin the shape or something... ha..ha...ha... But luckily it is just a red spot... Jayjay advised me to tuam kan the spot with hot water. I did. And I hope nothing will happen.
The next day, got an e-mail from him

HIM : Hi, is this the "tennis" saliza?
Me : right, its me
HIM : Just want to appologize about yesterday, I really feel bad
Me : Yea... I will definitely not to get any near to the court if you are playing....
HIM : let me buy you dinner
Me : (Shit!) I am just kidding... It was nothing.. Really. Appology accepted!
HIM : I’ll buy you dinner

Thursday, June 23, 2005

wonderful place called kertih!

21st June 2005

Went to pasar malam at kerteh with my office mate, wan, yesterday. She bought a few things to cook (she's 1 year older and she's happily married) like fish, chicken meat, onion and sorts of things... I bought ready cooked food instead. Nasi kerabu looks tempting.. Yummy! So I bought nasi kerabu, ayam goreng and some fruits. Went for tennis practice at KDRP (Rantau Petronas Country Club). Played with Eng, Sheikh, and Hafiz. My performance was bad!!! Lost my concentration...

Arrived home at 8... Had my dinner with jayjay, and ernie (my housemates) while watching CHARMED. Its a very lousy day.. I am bloody tired, but did not manage to sleep. Had a shower, wash my hair... And decide to take a ride for a while. So I decide to fuel up since they say it is economical to fuel up your car at night. Kak tini called me to say Hi... Sleep early that night... With lots of things on my mind :-(

22nd June 2005

Woke up at 6.30... Leave house at 7.30... All this while, I've been thinking of stopping to buy nasi lemak and to get a copy of the news paper on my way home.... Unfortunately, time is always the constraint... It is me to blame... Selalu lewat :-(

so this morning... The plan is being executed effectively... Bought nasi lemak Ikan (Things always comes with ikan here in tgnu) and get a copy of NST. Nothing much in the office. Had my "main committee meeting" for three long hours, had my lunch in the office (how boring...) And had another meeting in the afternoon. By the time the meeting ends, its already 4.30. Finished up my work, and left office at exactly 5.30. Have to rush back since I have tennis training with En Yazid at 6. By the time I reach rantau, its already raining... Yes! En. Yazid called and cancelled the training... How wonderful ;-) watch "first-wives club" on HBO... Now I really don't know what to do... Read story book, did my laundry and pack my bag (going back to KL tomrw.. He..he..he.. Seronoknye!)

23rd June 2005

Woke up early. Have to get to office on time since I will chair the morning briefing today. A bit nervous since I will be speaking and the rest of the staff (27 to be exact) of my department will be listening... Fortunately, everything went well. Send and reply a few business e-mails... And I don't know what else to do... Looking forward for 4 o'clock...

Leave office exactly 4.00pm... Rushed back home. Bought some kuih at bandar baru kerteh.... Take a shower and waited for Ita to fetch me (she's working at the Finance dept, and she's new too, and she's single too, and she hates kerteh too). She drove VIOS.

The journey was very sickening... Somehow, it is jam like hell in cherating (because of the stupid road-block, and the police is so damn smart since they are doing the road block everyday at the same spot and I am so damn sure that all the criminals in Malaysia is aware of the road-block...)

Somehow, we manage to arrive damansara at 10.30. Kanda fetch me there and we went for dinner. Arrive home at 12am. Daniel is still awake... He is kind of shy went he saw me...yela... Dah 2 weeks tak jumpa. Miss him so much! Wash my face, brush my teeth and zzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

Saturday, June 04, 2005

new beginning

1st June 2005

My first day working with the new organization. Drove my sista's car to LRTstation. Past by a few places that has created lots of sweet memories in mylife. Places like 'nasi padang restaurant" in kg. Medan, "Nasi kandar" nearthe LRT station, the LDP expressway itself (always use this highway to getto places like time square ayam golek with MB and NH). My heart is aching :-( I'm going to miss all this soon. Half heartedly I drove to thedestination. In the LRT, I am still considering whether my decision toleave KN is right or wrong. Why in the world should I leave a company thatis located only 5 minutes walking distance away from my house to join acompany that is located 500 KM away from my house. I must be out of mymind!

Arrived at KLCC 30 minutes past 7. Everybody around me seems to do thingswalking and they do it real fast. They walk on escelator (the thing iscalled escallator, not walkelator... They are defeating the purpose... Theinventor must be upset), they walk while having their b'fast, they walkwhile reading the news paper. And everything around me seems different.Anayway, I manage to arrive office on time (I took my breakfast, sandwicheswhile walking too.. Mind you ;-) and guess what, The executive incharge forthe briefing that morning is late! How can an executive of a multinationalconglomarate organization be late for his work, and all you know he isbriefing me on the office hour and how every employee are expected to be punctual!

The briefing seems like ages for me. The clock is moving rather slow thatmorning. Expecting to have lunch with NH and MB. But this guy kept me until15 minutes past 1.... I missed my lunch! Not that I am hungry but I am notable to join my best friend for lunch. But my wonderful friends came to myhouse to bid their final farewell. Felt like crying ... But...

Left KL at around 3pm. Didn't manage to sleep throughout the journey. Myhead is pondering with lots of things. Past by a few familiar places(during treasure hunt). But now, minus my beloved friends (andbeloved....). Arrived Paka at 8. Checked in the hotel (Residence ResortPaka). Slept early.....zzzz....

2nd June

Had breakfast with mom, Kak tina, wan and nene at the hotel. They drove me to my new office. My office is located exactly infront of the burning flames (flaring). Iam working with the Gass Processing Plant... Duh!.

So many discouraging things happened to me today. If its not because ofthousands of sms and calls from MB to cheer me up, I will already be on myback back to KL by now. I almost quit! Reasons being:
1) I am the only women in my department who is bare headed (free hairla...)
2) They start the day with tazkirah (not that I'm secular minded orwhat) and the topic on that day was "Ahli Neraka". At that point oftime, I really feel like running back to the hotel to borrow ascarf from my mom.
3) Until 10pm that night, I still did not manage to get a place to stay!My mom begun to panic and at a point, she begun to cry!I was hopeless and helpless.

My family are still tired from the longdistance journey but they did not show it to me. Right after maghrib, theyare all set to go out and search place for me to stay. Rasa sgt terharu...We went to various places... I really need someone to talk to at that time.To lift my spirit... Called kanda... He said don't worry and everythingwill be fine (yeah right!) Called bad... He sounded worried. He suggestedthat I rent a hotel for a few weeks before I can find a proper place tostay... Gud Idea. So my family and I changed our plan. We set to find ahotel (with reasonable price) instead. After half an hour later, I receiveanother call from MB. Again God sent MB to my rescue. To me his voicesounded like an angel.

MB : Dah dpt rumah?
Me : Blom (Buat suara kesian)
MB : Nah, amik no nie : 019 *******
Me : Dia ada bilik kosong ke?
MB : Call jer la...
Me : Thanks bad
(Again...... I cried...)

To cut a long story short, with the contact number that MB gave me, I manage to secure a room. Not just a normal room but a place that reallysuits my dream (MB really make my dreams come true). The place is calledrantau laut. It is a huge bungallow facing the magnificient South ChinaSea. The place has its own security and has its own private beach. Itsamazing! (I really owe you a lot Bad)Words cannot describe how happy I was at that particular happy. So do myfamily. Really wish that bad was there to share my joy (really feel likekissing him at that time ;-) back to the hotel with my family and in notime I was already in the wonderland....zzzzz..........

3rd June

Checked out from hotel. I really pushed my family and made them leavekerteh early. I really want to make sure we arrive KL before 6. This comes with two reasons:
1) Scheduled to take brand new Gen2 from the showroom tonite at 7.30
2) Having a dinner date with MB at 8.30.. (really looking forward for thisdate)

Half way through our journey, Kak tina begin to feel sleepy and tired....Instantly I offered to continue to drive the huge and bulky Mazda "Fighter"(Taknak lambat punye pasal...) Arrived KL approximately 7pm.Due to some technical error (problem with clutch/gear), my car, again,stranded at the showroom. HOW UNLUCKY I CAN BE! Guess I have to wait foramother week before I can drive it back to kerteh. But my date is still on.MB pick me up at Carrefour. We went to a restaurant at Terminal 3 Subang.The food was tasty and the night was wonderful. Arrived home at 15 minutespast 11. I was extreamly happy and exhausted....zzzzz....

4th June

Woke up early. Pack a few belonging of mine. Sue and I went to the workshopto get her Kembara serviced (I am taking her car back to kerteh since mycar is not ready). Took our breakfast at SYED while waiting the car to beserviced. Car ready at 12. Rush back home... Put my things in the car...Kissed daniel gud bye...Pick kanda up at the Kesas Highway. He look tired... So I drove the car onmy own (I am tired myself after driving all the way from Kuantan to KLyesterday..but..). It was bumper-to-bumper jam at the karak highway,luckily it's an outo transmission. I don't feel tired, and kanda slept mostof the journey, so I drove up to kerteh. He checked in at the Residence InnPaka. We had our dinner at Dungun... It was lovely... By the river side.Later, kanda drove me back to rantau (my house la..). He helped fixing mywardrobe and rack (I tried to fix it on my own, but to no avail). Pitykanda... Left him all alone out side the house since I have to (want to....actually) watch AF Concert. Slept early that night...Had breakfast with kanda at the hotel... Lepak with him by the pool to killthe time. He checked out at 11. Went to Mc'D to have our lunch. And kandawent back to KL at 2.30 :-( now I am all by self again.... Watch movie onthe astro most of the evening.. Did my laundry. Went out to buy dinner,read novel and zzzz.....
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