Monday, February 11, 2013

JT is back!

Justin Timberlake fans out there put our hands up! yes, yours truly is also a sucker for JT! I've been complaining to husband about how i hated that JT is lately focusing on acting instead of doing what he did best, singing, or dancing, or song writing for that matter.

But fuss no more coz he is finally back! he released his single last month titled suit and tie (yes, sgt best) and the full album is releasing soon.

And this morning, what seems to me an icing on the cake, is Justin making a come back performance at Grammy! what a great come back after 6 years! huhu (ok, saya akan stop jadi poyo skarang)

owh, lupa nak cakap, his hair is longer too, probably bcoz he straighten it..i dont know what do you think of it, but i kinda like it :p 

feast your eyes ladies... and you can watch the full performance on youtube below.

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

The last time I came to Melaka (last 2 months Rasanya) this place is still under construction. This time around, it is already open! Tapi saya tak pergi pun, a few of my friends went. They said the band performing last nite was 'ok'.. Probably gonna check out the place the next time I come here for work. They have Rock Shop too.. So those of you yang collect HRC short glass, go and grab it now! Hehe


No 28, Lorong Hang Jebat,
75200, Melaka
Tel: 606-292 5188

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