Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mohd Chan Restaurant

A few week before I due (for delivery), my husband took me for lunch at a Chinese muslim restaurant called Mohd Chan. Apparently this restaurant is quite famous with a few branches in Klang Valley. The one that we went to is in Shah Alam.

Sedap ok. Altho it is quite pricey, but memang puas hati. The serving portion is quite reasonable and the taste is yummy! At first we wanted to order white rice with several dishes (butter prawn yang meja sebelah order nampak sangat la sedap), but we decided not to as t is just the two of us. confirm tak habis.. kalau makan ramai2 sronok la.

I had this rice set. Black Paper Beef with White Rice.
I am not a fan of beef, tapi time2 mengandung ni, selera la pulak!

Hubby had this Ikan 3 Rasa with White Rice
(sedap sgt! rasa manis, masam, pedas dia sume complete la)

Since the Rice Set macam takde sayur, so we ordered this Stir Fried Bean-Sprout (rasa ala2 tepanyaki)

So sapa2 yang suka jalan2 cari makan tu, can give this restaurant a try. Chinese concept and yang penting, halal...


Semalam teman husband pegi gunting rambut kat area rumah. Kedai favourite dia katanye... bila dia masuk, sebut je "macam biasa", ane tu dah tau nak gunting macam mana.. hehehe

I was just wondering as I looked at the entrance of the shop. Kenapa semua barber shop ada this same, typical lampu yang berpusing2 depan kedai dorang? apa significant dia dgn barber? tapi mmg bagus la siapa yang invent this idea sebab takyah tgk signboard, nampak lampu ni je tau dah kedai gunting rambut :D
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