Sunday, November 21, 2010

Car of the Year 2U (COTY2U) 2010

I accompanied hubby to the Car of the Year 2U (COTY2U) event that was held at MATRADE. I'm not so much fan of cars, so I'll just post a few armature pictures that I took out of boredom. I repeat, cars are not my passion, so, expect more pictures, and less review/ comments.. huhu

This is the newly launched car by Proton. It is 'inspired' by Mitsubishi Lancer, hence the name Inspira. Hmmm... for those of you who always comdemned Malaysian car, I think you should just shut-up. If you can afford to buy Lancer, by all means. Kalau suka, beli, kalau tak suka, just buzz offfffffffffff

This is Neo GTI, Lotus Racing edition (did I put the name right?). I like the color. But hubby said harga dia mahal!

obsessed over shampoo!

I have hair loss problem. Not only during shower. masa tido ke, driving ke, my hair is left all over the places!

What is the main reason? Not because of pregnancy >> duh, obviously not (from my reading I found out that pregnancy is the main reason among women). Probably because of aging (I'm not old, but getting wiser), and because of too much exposure to chemicals (hair products, environments, etc). I used to have a really thick, black, shinny hair.

I've been changing shampoo like nobody's business. Pantang orang recommend shampoo for hair loss, I will be the first person to get it (not literally...)

Just look at the picture above. That is the amount of shampoo that I have in my bathroom! tak sesmpat habis, I am tempted to buy a new one.

This is my daily shampoo, Loreal Elseve. Until one day I found out that this shampoo makes my scalp oily. I washed my hair in the morning, and by the time it was 4pm, my scalp (and my hair) will be really2 oily like I haven't hit the shower in 4 days! yuck! I decided to try out new shampoo.

I tried Dove Hair Fall Therapy next. This shampoo makes my hair rough. I didnt know if it reduce the hair fall, macam takde effect je. Probably because I used it for 1 week only, not enough time for it to take effect.

This is not shampoo, its hair conditioner. Its is good. Makes my hair all soft and shiny. I didnt buy this for any specific reason, just because it is on sale :)

Next I tried Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo. The name sounds scary no? amino acid?? ahahaha. But the sales lady strongly suggested this shampoo for my hair loss problem. What I dont like about this shampoo is the strong smell of coconut (the main ingredients) and the fact that it is not foamy. Rasa tak puas shampoo kalau takde buih. But I've read in one article saying that shampoo with lots of foam carry chemicals that can harm you in long run... haih And it is quite pricey too. About RM80 (just the shampoo, I didnt purchase the conditioner, maha sangat)

This shampoo I bought because of the review that I read on blogs. They claimed that this shampoo is perfect remedy for hair loss. Bawang shampoo. It smells really strong (weird smell of herbs, not bawang.. hehehe) But recently, I read in one of the blog too, that it was reveled in one of the Chinese News Paper that this is a cancer causing shampoo. Scary kan! Apa lagi, into the dustbin it went. (Price: +-RM15)

So one day, I went for hair wash at one of the saloon in Bangsar, the shampoo guy told me i have sensitive scalp (red marks on my scalp) which will lead to hair loss (Which is already happening!)

He suggested Nioxin no8 (cleanser & conditioner). Memang bagus! Now after hairwash, bila tgk amount of hair yang gugur, memang makin kurang....(+-RM70/each)

Ni pulak Schwarzkopf Bonacure sensitive soothe Hair Therapy. I bought this recently pun sebab termakan recommendation from saloon people. RM135/ bottle. Blom try, nak tunggu Nioxin habis dulu.

So for those of you with similar problem, I hope the above helps. Nak try shampoo saya pun boleh, I have plenty!

Good luck!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

TGV Mesra Mall, Kerteh

When I started working in Kerteh 5 years ago, the place have nothing. Apart from Mc'Donalds where I used to hang out with friends for hours, the place have no other evidence of civilization. My friend and I used to refer Kerteh as "land of coconut tree" because of the obvious reasons.

But over the years, the place is starting to develop. More shop-houses, double lane roads, and a few kopitiam style joints for us to hang out at. And just before I left for KL, they even have a new mall!

Mesra Mall, is the name of the mall. Before i left, there were only few shops are open. Pizza Hut, Guardian, Reject Shop, Big Apple (we bought doughnuts every day! sebab jakun sangat) and Starbucks, yes, no kidding!

But recently, more interesting shops are slowing adding to the list. Body shop, toys 'R' us, Tanamera Spa, Burger King, Sports Planet futsal court, Bowling Alley, Kareoke (bukan kareoke jamban ye, ni sama taraf dgn Red-Box)and yang paling saya impressssss..... *drum roll*....... TGV Cinema!

Sparkling new TGV Cinemas... I was so impressed that I didnt even blink my eye... its in Kerteh people. Land of coconut.

Is that awesome or what? Budak-budak baru posting to this place, jangan la mengada2 nak cakap boring ke apa. The place was nothing during my time (rasa dah tua pulak). Fire-fly now flies to Kerteh (dulu takde ok), and the roads are well connected to the LPT highway (we had to use the trunk-road before to get to the highway from Kerteh). And now, you get to sip a cup of freshly brewed coffee from Starbucks in the Morning, have your lunch at Burger King and watch movie at night with friends at TGV! and all this is in Kerteh! pergghhhh... gile hebat.

Aidiladha 2010

I thought that celebrating Raya Korban in Kuala Lupur will be dull just like previous years. But I thought wrong. This year, for some reason, sangat meriah. Maybe because tahun nie raya berdua :) and all of my siblings are in KL too.

Hubby and I went for Solat Raya at the mosque near our house. After having some light breakfast, off we went to my mom's house.

Next on the agenda is visiting my dad's house. We had so much fun eating, talking, gossiping and eating some more..

How about your hari raya? I hope you guys have a blast too.

(Note: received a very happy news one day before Aidiladha. Thank you Allah... I hope its going to be better this time around)

Ibadah Korban

Sunday, November 14, 2010

3 series

I celebrated my 30th Birthday last week. 091110 to be exact (try adding all of the numbers, you will get number 3!)

Being 30 means a lot to me. Making me reflecting back to the past 29 years of my life. I've been living my 20s to the fullest. so many things happened. I grew up, I learn, I fall in love, felt out of love, found my soul-mate, buying properties, took up scuba diving, i traveled, I was promoted, made some huge decision, some are good, some are bad, and made a few mistakes. None of them of which I regret doing. All of it made the person I am today.

Quoted from part of the bday card that hubby gave me :

"You are one strong lady, and that lady is my wife"

..... Isn't he the sweetest? :):):)

I'm blessed to receive so many well wishes from friends and family. In fact, more then 100 wishes! I get to blew candles from 3 separate cakes (yes, I got 3 birthday cakes), and few other surprising gift...

From left: Charles & Keith clutch from my lil sis, Crab tree hand cream from my cousin, and *drum roll......* a netbook from my hubby! He said it is a sign of support towards my passion for blogging and also my work that requires me to travel a lot.

These were given to me at a surprise birthday dinner that hubby secretly organized for me :)

This a a surprise present from my dear friend. Thank you for the effort... I really appreciate it (rasa terharu sangat!)

Owh, and a shopping voucher from my boss :) how cool is that?

So Three-O is such a big deal huh? I'm a 3 series now, and loving every minute of it!

** I made a wish before blowing my birthday candles. and the wish are the same for all three cakes. Please pray for me that my wish will come true... I really, really, really wants it, so desperately.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Egg Mc'Muffin

Are you a fan of Mc'Donalds?

If your answer is YES, then answer the next question (if your answer is no, answer it anyway.. hehehe)

Do you still remember that Mc' Donalds use to have Mc' Egg on their menu? It is just like the English version of our local Benjo. (I'm a fan of benjo too!)

You do??? sedap kan??! its my favorite! for some reason they stop having it on their menu (mungkin sebab murah sangat or there are no demand). I must say that I'm missing it..

Anyways, I was on my way to Seremban this morning, and I was ahead of time so I decided to divert to Nilai to have breakfast at Mc'Donalds (I am quite familiar with Nilai).

And I found this on their menu >>>>>>>>>


I dunno if its new on the menu or what, but I just noticed it on their breakfast menu. I know they have Sausage Mc'Muffin with Egg, but not Egg Mc'muffin.

So without hesitation, I ordered for the set (c/w hash-brown and iced milo; btw, iced milo Mc'Donalds is the best!) +-RM8 (with coffee/ tea) +-RM9 (if substitute with milo)

Omg!!! I dunno if it is because it is freshly made, but with the extra soft English muffins (the buns), nicely cooked eggs (not overcooked, just the way i like it), melted cheese and a slice of chicken roll... mamma mia!!!! trust me, ladies and gentleman, that is what define good breakfast... (not sure if its healthy tho :p)


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mee Udang Juru / Kuala Juru

Meh nak cerita kat korang pasal mee udang juru pulak. This is one of the recommended place to eat mee udang in the North.

A friend of mine who gave the direction to this restaurant told me that there are 2 stalls that is famous in Juru. The first one is slightly more expensive (and less tasty) compared to the second one. But unfortunately, the second one is closed on the day that I went there (31/10/10).

By the time hubby and I reached the restaurant, it was already 6.30pm and the place is packed! parking penuh and tables are fully occupied. So we double parked our car, and decided to tapau instead (since still kenyang from our late lunch)

The price of the mee udang is fixed at RM10 sebungkus, unlike the mee udang Sg Dua which is based on harga udang. (Kedai kedua yang tutup tu, harga dia RM6/RM7 sebungkus.. bezakan!!)

So we had the mee udang once we reached KL at about 11pm.

Nampak sedap kan? Tapi tak sedap sebenarnya. Bak kata hubby "tak sedap langsung, lagi sedap maggi yang awak masak"... funny! Tapi seriously, memang tak sedap. Tak berbaloi. And you have to make extra effort to get to the restaurant since you will have to divert quite far from the highway. Kalau sedap tak pe la kan.. haih..

Yang mee udang Sg Dua tu, dah la sedap gile, nak pegi pun senang, very near to the highway. Takyah divert jauh sangat

This is the picture with out flash.. hehehe..

The only plus point is the prawns is huge and banyak. 4 ekor dalam satu bungkus mee udang. And of course, it is very2 fresh too...

How to get there:

Address: 385, MK 12, Bagan Nyior Juru 14000 Bukit Mertajam.
Opening Hours: Sunday to Monday 12.30pm-10.00pm; Friday 11:30am – 10:00pm
Contact: 012-409 0771, 012-493 5771
GPS: N05″ 19.609′, E100″ 24.886′

I'm THREE tens :p

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mee Udang Sungai Dua

Siapa suka makan mee udang? heck!!..... let me rephrase, siapa suka MAKAN???? hehehehe.. *saya*

I lurve food. Especially good food. I can extra miles and put on extra effort just to search for good food. (looking at my weight, I should be saying the other way around!)

So last week, on our way back from hubby's hometown nun jauh di Utara, we decided to singgah sebentar at one of the famous mee udang stall in the north, i.e.; Mee Udang Sg Dua.

There are 2 popular mee udang restaurant in Sg Dua. One is on the left (before flyover), and the other one is on the right (after flyover). Hubby and I decided to go to the first one. The name of the restaurant is Restoran Aur Gading.

This is ht inside look of the Restaurant. Blom ramai orang, probably because it is still early. Plenty of seats, and the parking space are ample too.. very convenient.

Hubby and I ordered mee udang for 2, and Fresh Orange for hubby, and my ol'time favorite drinks, teh-o-ice limau (sangat typical melayu.. hehe)

Ni gambar air (duh!)... air di sini agak manis.. tapi teh-o-ice-limau sangat sedap. When I look around, I see most of the people minum air kelapa. Baru la stylo kan.. kitorang ni macam gi mamak pulak.. hahaha

This is the mee udang. Serving for 2. At first hubby and I tought how the heck are we supposed to finish the whole thing. Sangat la banyak. Tapi ternyata kami silap. After 15 minutes......


Licin! habis semua kuah kami hirup. So you know the verdict. It is so delicous. Kuah sangat pekat, pedas, and terasa la semua rempah2. And most importantly, you can taste the prawn-ness in the gravy. SEDAP! and puas.

Look at the size of the prawn. Huge and it is very fresh. I think there are about 6 pcs of prawn (3pcs per person).

Now, you must be thinking this mee udang must be expensive. Yes, it is kinda expensive, but it is definitely worth it considering the quality and satisfaction that you got from every bit, or sip.

Total that we paid is RM37.90. About RM19 per pax (inclusive of drinks). The concept here is they will weigh the prawn (you get to choose the prawn and the quantity) and plus the mee udang cost (our prawn weigh about 375grams).

Must go, must try, please try, or else you will regret it for the rest of your life! hehehe

Next I want to try the mee udang in Taiping. Korang pernah try tak? best tak? ke kat KL ni pun ada je mee udang yang best? letme know...

How to get there:
Restoran Aur Gading, Mee Udang Sg Dua
Lot 228, Jalan Pangkalan Machang,
Titi Timbul, Sungai Dua,
13800 Butterworth, Penang.
Tel: 012-466 7967.

(sedap *_*)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Sirap Bandung? Mee Bandung?

I've been wanting to visit Bandung like forever. The story about factory outlets and cheap kain2 doesn't really help to fight my temptation. There are few friends of mine who visit Bandung frequently each year to shop. Gile kan?

So one day, when I was browsing Air Asia website out of boredom, I found a very interesting package. It is their "last minute deal" package. Flight ticket (KUL - BDO - KUL) + Hotel (4Star) + tax = RM450/ pax (for 3D2N). Isn't that amazing?!

So Bandung it is! It was, like the package suggest, a last minute deal. So we booked the package and left for Bandung in less then 1 month!

I was told not to visit Bandung as the traffic (vehicle traffic as well as human traffic) can be really mad. People from Jakarta will drive up to Bandung for their weekly shopping too. So we decided to go on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

This is Bandung Airport. Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung. I was surprise that the Airport is so small. Lebih kurang macam airport Kuantan. And unlike any other Airports in Malaysia, this airport located just by the road side. Macam Bus stand je.. comel kan.

The outside view of our Hotel; Arion Swiss belhotel, Bandung. (Tak amik pulak the front view, cacat). Ada terjadi sedikit drama when we first arrived Bandung. See, few days before leaving for Bandung, I e-mailed the hotel asking them to arrange for pick-up from Airport to the hotel. The hotel replied saying that they will provide free pick-up, and I was really pleased. Se asked me my flight details and the next day we left for Bandung. Sampai Bandung, I saw a few guys holding the placard with names of guest that they want to pick-up. I walk front and back few times trying to locate our names, tapi takde. aaahh.. sudah! Luckily our phone is on roaming so we called the hotel. The receptionist told me that she replied my email (which I did not read) saying that our booking is not in the system. How is that possible since the payment went through and we have the confirmation slip. So the receptionist cleared out the matter with Go-Holiday AirAsia, and apperently go-holiday mis-communicated the info. Crap!

Sebab dah malas nak tunggu, I decided to just take a cab straight to the hotel.

Nasib la this hotel is very nice. So is the staff. The check in is smooth, and the best part is our room were upgraded, for free!

The room is really huge. Rasanya those traveling with kids will fit this room comfortably. I like the fact that the room is fully carpeted (I prefer room with carpet or if no carpet, wooden flooring would do :D)

The bed is really comfy, and our room comes with free wi-fi and a Personal Computer, yes, your read right, a PC! HEAVEN... hehehe

This is th bathroom. Takde bathtub, but most importantly is the fact that it is sparkling clean! (I did read a few reviews for hotels in Bandung that has crappy toilet, yuck).

The roof top swimming pool. The challet that you can see at the far-end, is the spa..

It was already late by the time we settle down in the room (Kat Bandung gelap awal, by the time 7pm, it was already pitch black, like 9pm Malaysia!). So we decided to just check out Pasar Baru (which is just 10mins walking distance from our hotel), and later go for dinner.

We had to cross this railway in order to get to Pasar Baru. Tangga dia sangat la tinggi dan curam. Kat hujung tu you can see Bandung Train Station. This is one of the mode of transport if you want to go to Jakarta. Tapi keretapi dia agak horror.. macam dalam cerita Tamil.. huhu
]Our dinner on the first night @ Bumbu Desa. We were quite worried of the price since this restaurant is quite expensive in Malaysia. But to our surprise, it only cost us RP75,000! (+-RM25). murah gile kan! sedap gile pulak tu... yummy!

The second day was spent for what else? Shopping!!!!

As you know, kat sana memang banyak Factory Outlet. But I think you need to be choosy. Ada few outlets yang totally rubbish. Jual baju yang ntah apa2.. tau2 dia tampal je well known brand like Zara, Top Shop, etc. (We can know as shops like Zara and Top Shop have their signature design, and we know for fact they dont design that kind of range).

But there are few that I really2 like. To name a few are Rumah Mode and Secret. We spent most of our time and err... money at these two place. The items that they sold are high in quality and most importantly cheap! The price might be slightly higher then any other factory outlet, but you know for sure they sell authentic products.

Owh, and I got Victoria Secret lace nighties for RM50! lawa gile ok!

This is the ice-blended that we had at Rumah Mode. And it is really2 good!

This is what we purchased after 2 days!

This is the famous Kartika Sari that sells brownies and few other items. Frankly I think this shop is over rated. I managed to buy another best selling brownies in Bandung which is Amanda ). I eat a small slice in the hotel room, and the next day when I woke up, the brownies is full of ants! sakit nye hati!

If to compare between Amanda (RP30,000) and Kartika Sari (RP35,000), I prefer Amanda. You can find a lot of people selling Amanda Brownies along major roadside, however Kartika Sari is only available at their outlets (which are only a few). And the kedai sangat la ramai orang.

Kartika Sari Cheese Brownies (I like this one better compared to the chocolate one) - RP35,000

Kartika Sari Chocolate Brownies (I prefer Amanda's!) - RP35,000

Roti pisang (Banana Bread). I saw many of the customer who came to Kartika Sari shop bought this. It is their best seller. And it smelled nice too. So I bought one. But unfortunately, I dont like it. Inside the bun, you can literally find banana which was not crushed. Seketul2. And some of banana are not ripe enough. Disgusting. But like I said, it was their best seller. Feel free to try it when you are in Bandung :)

Our breakfast on the last day in Bandung. The hotel served nice breakfast. Ok la for the price that we paid.

Lunch that we had on the last day. It was in the Food Court of Pasar Baru. It was recommended by our friends. Bawal bakar tu sangat sedap. Nama kedainye, Gala Karunia. Cari la ye..

So Bandung, till we meet again (we will meet again!)
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