Thursday, August 06, 2009

What made Amos so Famous?

I have a sweet tooth. That’s why I failed miserably after all the endless and countless effort for dieting. Konon seminggu tak makan nasi, tapi makan choc (or anything that has to do with choc) tak henti2. Hampeh.

I love, I mean, really-really love Famous Amos cookies. The rich texture of the cookies, the fresh nuts used, the aroma, owh… you’ve got to try them if you haven’t. And tell me how u feels about it.

Anyway, I went to Famous Amos in Alamanda. The intention was to just grab a drink (and curi-curi the smell), tapi ternampak pulak that this particular outlet is actually selling ice-creams. Better still, they are selling “Chocolate Chip Cookies Ice-Cream”. One scope of vanilla ice-cream being sandwich in between cookies. How does that sound? Yummy!

So without thinking, I paid RM4.90 for one of those. But people, unfortunately, it is not as tasty and yummy as it sounds. The supposedly crunchy cookie turns soggy, I supposed because it was socked in the ice-cream for to long (yes, they pre-prepared the ice-cream sandwich). And they wrap the sandwich in plastic wrapper which makes it very messy for you to unwrap. I believe the Famous Amos team will need to do some hands-on study for improvement, or better still, just scrap the idea entirely. It is very2 frustrating. Don’t even think to give them a try.

soggy sandwich... yuck!

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