Saturday, March 14, 2009


I just got back from a baby shower in Kota Damansara. The food was catered from mum's place, and it was really2 gud! i had a big lunch. Crap, there goes my diet. I have another 7 kilo or so to shed before January next year... I can do it! hehe

My sis, serene had just undergone an operation to remove her impacted tooth. I heard it was really2 painful. I felt really bad for not being able to visit her. Penang jauh sgt la. So instead, i ordered for a flowers to be sent to her this evening. Hope she'll like it.

i was thinking to myself while driving back home just now. I have so many mini projects to be accomplished this year. Hopefully it can be done before I got married as I'm planning to get myself pregnant right after that. I'm turning 30 next year, i really dun have much time to waste right? I'm planning to have at least 3 children. Kalau ada rezeki lebih, im more then happy to have them :D

well, in case you are wondering, here's some of the thing that I wish to accomplish this year:

1) To start the blog for my cuppies biz
2) To start the event management company that I always wanted
3) to complete my swimming lesson (gosh, i've only attended 1 out of 12 lessons so far!)
4) To make my apartment to coziest one ever!
5) Owh yes, and to loose at least another 5 kg

Few days ago i have finally got the keys to my apartment.

Dats all for now. tata
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