Friday, April 30, 2010

Platinum Service?

Today is a replacement holiday for my Company. It is for 1st May, i.e. Labor Day. However not all Companies in Malaysia bring forward the Public Holiday to Friday since it falls on Saturday, unless if it falls on Sunday (get it? nevermind. The point is in on long weekend... woohoo!)

So I spent this morning to do few things that I've been dreading do for a long time (simply bcoz it is too time consuming). First is sending my car for its "spa"/ service and secondly to get my hair trimmed.

I sent my car for service at Proton Edar Platinum Service Center in Mutiara Damansara at around 8am. I wonder why they are so proud to call the service center "Platinum" while the service that they are giving is really not as the name suggest. The waiting area doesn't have tv, the magazines are outdated, and they only provide RO water to the customers, not bottled water, but the ones where you have to take from water dispenser. How lousy is that? Even "Pusat Service Ah-Chong" have the customer-retention-effort to provide their customers with mandarin orange and bottled water or sometimes air kotak. Its Customer Service 101, the most basic u learn in University.

What do they suggest the customer do while waiting for their car to be serviced? Sit on the sofa and look at each other for the whole 3 - 4 hours? mind you the service is not that fast either... so much of a platinum service.

They really should consider calling their service center "Bronze Service Center" instead.

Cheap Breakfast (for weekdays only)

While waiting for my car being pampered at the service centre, I decided to have my breakfast at Ikea. I was surprise to know that Ikea actually has a Breakfast Promo during weekdays; from 9am to 11am. But they are only 2 menu each day (for the bfast promo, other normal menu are still aavailable at normal price). Today's menu is Mee Goreng Mamak & Spring Roll. They are priced at RM0.99 per meal. For spring roll, you will get 2 pieces for RM0.99. Isn't that amazing. On top of that, they are giving free tea/coffee (and free refill) from 9am - 9.30am. But i didn't get it as it was already 10.20am by the time I got there.

Other days, they offer food like Kampung Fried Rice, and others (I'm not sure what). So if you free during weekdays (and if you are staying near by), go on and try. Its worth your money.

Here is the Mee Goreng Mamak - RM0.99 and Box Orange Juice - RM1.50 (reduced from RM2.50, for breakfast specials ony!)Total cost = RM2.50!!!! (including tax!)

View of the Restaurant. Not many people around as it is still early (or they are not aware of the breakfast promo). Come back around 2pm, you cant even find a space to eat!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sandwich for Breakfast

Hubby works in a factory. If you haven't heard, working in a factory means you are bound to a very strict working hour. Meaning, once you clock in, you can only go for break/ tea at 10ish, for strictly 15 minutes only!and lunch is strictly 1 to 2 only. Macam kat sekolah kan? hahaha... in addition, you can only have lunch in the factory premise, strictly no going out. If for some reason, you have to go out, you are required to fill in the "permission slip".

During our dating years, hubby always complaint that due to this tight working hour, he always skip his meals. 10am is the time he is busy with all paper works. 1pm is the time he is busy in the warehouse to monitor his staff and all shipments. Sometimes he is too tired to walk to the cafeteria. Therefor, his only "real" meal for the day is dinner.

After we are married, I tried my best to prepare for him some breakfast. Just easy ones like sandwiches. Since my favorite food is sandwich, I have the skill to be creative with it. So hubby will not be bored to have it everyday. If I got up extra early, Ill prepare something more elaborate like fried rice or pasta or fried mee or just cucur ikan bilis.

Hubby told me that this had created some talks among the "makciks" in his office. Not negative talks, but positive ones. They said that they are impress on how I prepare the food. Basically they are referring to the food presentation. They said that my sandwich is not like the "normal" sandwich that they ever come across. so do my fried rice, and my pasta (lagi la kan... pasta for bfast??? hahaha), or even my cucur. According to hubby, the makciks is so anxious, every morning to see what my hubby brought from home. They are giving me unnecessary pressure!

Anyways, last week hubby came home and told me a story. It was about this lady in his office. She just gave birth recently (few months back) and until now, her baby haven't stop saliva-ting (producing lost and lost of saliva ~air liur~). She have seen the doctors about this but nothing can be done. She said according to elderly, this is because, the mother, during her pregnancy is craving for something/ food but did not manage to have/ eat it. Dalam bahasa Melayu nye, mengidam la... The only way for her to "cure" her baby is to eat what ever she used to crave during her pregnancy. She spent days recalling and finally she remembers. what do you think it is? (no prize for guessing)

Its my sandwich! no kidding!!!! During her pregnancy, she saw the sandwich that my hubby brought for breakfast. Since then, she is craving for one. But soon after that, she was in labour and have forgotten all about it. So yeah, she ask my husband to ask me to help make the same, exact sandwich. She is willing to pay for it. Hehehehe...

So this morning, I woke up early to make sandwich for her, at free of charge of course. Takkan la nak mintak duit kan. So I hope the baby will be "cured" by my sandwich, made with love :)

So all hubbies out there, please dont take your wife's craving lightly. They are not needy or spoil or desperate for your attention. Its no joke.

Tempted? hehehe

Tuna Mayo in Croissant

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Threading for Hair Removal

source of Pic

What is threading, you may ask. Threading, one of the oldest methods of body hair removal, is popular in India and the Middle East. It is also used in some western beauty parlors. Threading involves rolling twisted cotton threads over untidy hairlines and plucking out the unwanted hair. One reason for its continued popularity is that it is so much healthier for the skin and doesn't result in ingrown hair.Yet for all that it is a temporary method, unlike laser hair removal which is as safe as it is long lasting.

I'm one of the hundreds if not thousands of girls out there who swore by threading as our monthly beauty ritual. My friend e-mailed me the other day to ask me where I would recommend to get such service. Do you want to know where I normally go for this? Read below:

Her Question: "kat mana u buat threading eyebrow ek? yg murah dah tak sakit"

My Answer:

-I paling suka buat kat Bangsar. At one of the shop-lots yang facing Bangsar Village tu (Sederet dgn Chawan, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Baskin Robin, etc) Takde la sakit sgt, totally depends on siapa yang buat kat you haritu. Ikut nasib. Ada yang buat gentle enuf, ada yang sakit sikit (but nothing compares to Brazilian Wax!) I slalu buat eyebrow and upper lips. Dia charge RM9/ RM10. Ada about 2 kedai kat situ, you can go either one. Just cari kedai india, dia akan tulis kat banner luar… kalau dia ada buat facial, manicure, body scrub, etc, sure ada threading

-Tapi semlm I baru pegi buat. Kat KJ (sebb malas nak drive g bangsar). Kat depan Padang FAM tu. Ada kedai india gak, second floor. That is Sara’s favorite place. I ada la dalam 2 or 3 kali buat kat situ. I tak suka sebb everytime I pegi, sure kening I akan darah… I dunno y. tapi tak sakit la. and dia buat kening I jadi nipis sgt, which I don’t like. But yesterday I dapat org lain pulak. This older lady. Dia buat very gentle (tapi agak slow, me think dia dah rabun). Tak sakit langsung, and Im satisfied with the result. But slightly pricey. For kening and upperlips, RM14.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Me and hubby will be here in 2 days time... InsyaAllah

Source of picture : Here

Old Town White Coffee

I started drinking white coffee back when I was in the University. It was about 10 years ago (OMG, I cant believe its been 10 yrs! felt like it was only yesterday, haih). Anyways, my then bf, introduced me to the white coffee (3 in 1 sachet) which he bought all the way from Ipoh. Instantly I'm hooked! It was Old Town White Coffee (OTWC). I drank them almost everyday and sometimes twice a day especially when I need to stay up for study (owh, btw, I really think the theory that it helps you to stay up when u drink strong coffee is a total crap. Well, at least for me. I doesn't work. I just think it was all psychological).

OTWC was not so famous back then and you can only find it at certain places (well, such as Ipoh :p). Hence, I tried tasting other brand that also produces white coffee, but not up to my standard (chewah).

Fast forward to now, OTWC has now evolved rapidly. They now even have their own chain of Kopitiam outlets that run on franchise concept. There are more then 100 outlets all around Malaysia. Amazing huh!

And look what I found in PETRONAS' MESRA Convenient Shop recently. Its my favorite white coffee in a convenient packaging. White Coffee in a can, and its from OTWC!

Friday, April 09, 2010

sleepy Head

I strongly believe that I've been cursed. Cursed with the sleep portion. Last weekend I slept for more then 12 hours straight. I woke up the next day feeling like a zombie, and still sleepy. I used to sleep around 11pm and wake up at 5.30am the next day and feel so fresh and all geared up for work. But now, I begin to feel sleepy as early as 8.30pm! And yet, I felt like I need another few hours of sleep the next morning. And I got worst in the office. I need to drink coffee everyday to keep me going. Help!

I slept in the flight when I was on outstation, I spent the whole day sleeping in hotel, I slept in the train on the way to work, I literally spent every spare minutes sleeping. Bad.. this is really bad. I need help

Friday, April 02, 2010

BATA Warehouse Sale

As promised, here's the review for the Warehouse Sale. We went there on the first day of the sale but near to the closing hour. About 1 hour before they close.. hehehe Tapi best jugak, because there were not so much people to "fight" with.

This is the sale area. They have more shoes outside in the open area where they put children shoe. Sangat murah. School shoes were sold at RM15/ pair. And most of children shoe were sold between RM20 - RM5 per pair.

Men's shoe is between RM40 - RM20. Same goes to ladies shoe. Surprisingly most of the sizes are already out of stock (it was just the first day of the sale ok). I suspect they put out in staggered to ensure enough shoe till the end of the sale period.

This is what i bought. The first Primavera shoe was reduced from RM149 to RM50. And the second pair was reduced from RM109 to RM50. What a bargain! Hubby bought a pair of Reebok shoe. The price were reduced from RM190 to RM110. Mahal kan kasut lelaki.

Walking Shoe

Did you notice that all comfy shoes that are suitable for long walk is normally ugly and will literally burn a hole in your pocket. Dah la mahal, buruk pulak tu. But no doubt, they are comfy.

Hubby's work requires him to walk miles and miles everyday. He is managing a warehouse. Everyday he has to walk back to back, several times from his office, to the warehouse, to the canteen, back to the office, and so on. Nevertheless, the location of these places is not far enough for him to drive from one point to another but neither near enough for him to walk without sweating. Hence, he really, really need a pair of comfortable shoe. He used to wear a pair of Nike walking shoe, but it was stolen. Yeah, you read it correctly, STOLEN. We put some of our daily shoe outside of the apartment (but still inside the grill, if you know what I mean). But,yeah, it was missing. Ever since, we kept looking around for a new pair of comfy but not so expensive shoe.

And coincidentally, I found this advert! We will go and check it out tonight. Will tell you if its a good bargain

Check it out here

What : Bata Branded Warehouse Sale
When : 2 to 4 April 2010
Where: Menara BATA,8 Jalan PJU 8/8A,Bandar Damansara Perdana,47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 016 296 7748
Time : 10am – 10pm

Brands Offered: Nike,Adidas,Puma, Reebok, Clarks, British Knight, Bata, Primavera, Weinbrenner, Power,North Star
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