Sunday, August 30, 2009

The best roti john EVER

I’m a fan of roti john. Probably because it is somewhat resemble sandwich, only it is more oily and less healthy, hehehe. One of the reason, my 4 years living in Kerteh was depressing is due to the fact that I can’t have roti john every time ramadhan arrived. Believe it or not, they don’t sell roti john at pasar ramadhan in Kerteh. Meanwhile in KL, roti john is one of the must-have-item at any of the pasar ramadhan (Ramadhan Bazaar).

Being a fan, I’ve tried and tasted roti john in quite a few places. Nampak jer on the menu, I will order it. And the best one by far is in Taman Warisan, Putrajaya. Far, I know. That adds to the reason why I find the roti john so special. Lagi susah dapat lagi best :D What makes this roti john so sedap (yummy)? Simply because the seller is not stingy in putting lots of meat, uses lots of eggs, and vege (this is very crucial), mayo (errr.. guilty!) and the special chili sauce used. And also the roti is cooked to perfection. No rushing, it is well cooked.

So last Friday, while trying my wedding dress at Butik Puteris in precint 8, I have one and only one thing on my mind when my fiancé ask what to have for lunch. ROTI JOHN Taman Warisan!

So that is exactly where we went. For those of you who never set foot at this place, you should. The place is named Taman Warisan simply because it is located in a Botanical Garden hence contributing to the serene and calm environment. The setting of the place is also different from any other typical looking food court.

I manage to take some snap shots of the place. So guys, savor your eyes on the mouth watering, infamous Roti John.

Taman Warisan

Abang Roti John in action


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