Friday, October 28, 2005

balik kampung

It took me few days to think, rethink, consider, reconsider, decide, re-decide and finally decided on whether I should drive my car back to KL or not. The thing is, my car is a manual transmission car, and I’m sure you know what is the significant relation between hari raya, holiday and traffic jam!! After a few consultations with my family, MB, MA, and friends, I finally decided to ride with Ita. So yesterday, we left office at 2pm, illegally! Meaning- our bosses are unaware that we left office that soon…. Hehehe… we simply can’t wait for 4 o’clock :-)

I’ll be in KL for about 9 days to celebrate raya. So I have more then ample time to actually pay my visit to all shopping centre in KL and do my shopping till I drop...!! Eerrr… or to be precise, till where my money actually allows me :-)

My family and I will be celebrating raya in KL this year. This is after considering a few factors:

1) My grandmother had past away last year
2) My dad condition doesn’t actually allows his to move anywhere outside his house
3) I will have to go back to kerteh on 3rd Raya

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, Selamat Hari Raya. If you are driving back to your hometown, drive safe. And if you are sleepy, stop at any PETRONAS station to have your free coffee break ;-)

Opppsss.. and not forgetting, Happy Deepavali to those who are cebrating, and happy holiday to the rest. ENJOY!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


We are having majlis berbuka puasa today at my office. It is estimated that more than 1,500 people will be coming for this event which involves staff,family, and contractors. My department is very busy since morning in order to ensure this event is sucessful. But I am stuck infront of my PC trying hard to meet the deadline for budget submission. It is already 6.30 when I finally finish the whole thing. Ita called me saying that she had already reserved a seat for me. The event went well, the food was nice and I was tired. Got home at 8. I decided to pamper myself a little tonite since I don't have any other better things to do while waiting for desperate housewives to be aired. I did my body scrub, foot scrub, facial scrub, and all.... Nice!

I continue to watch a movie on HBO after the dsprt hsewives ends. ItalianJob. This not not my first time watching it, but who cares. One of thedialog at the beginning of the movie really hit me right into my heart. The sentence goes like this:

" find someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with and hold onto her/him forever"

that sentence is very simple and yet very meaningful. It is meaningful enuf to keep me awake until 2am just thinking about it!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

what's happenning?

Lori Ikan

The rest of the staff in my department is busy decorating our office forthe coming raya. I try to get my hands on making ketupat out of ribbon. Butit turns out to be a tikar instead hehe... At 4 o'clock, one of the officeboy informed us that there is a lorry skidded at kerteh and that had causeda traffic. So I decided to leave office at 5pm sharp. And fair enuf, I wascaught in the traffic. The car is moving and inch every minute, and I stillhave like another 14 KM to go! I reach the town at 6.30. Called up Ita andwe decided not to continue our journey back. Met her infront of McD.


Syahril, nurul, ita, mazran, azizul and I break our fast at McD today. We decided to try the buffet promotion that McD is promoting. At first I don'tthink that it is worth it to pay RM18 since all your stomach can accept atMcD is a burger, fries, drink and the most one ice-cream or pie. Butsyahril prove it wrong... At the end (at 8pm) when we did the count,syahril alone ate 9 burgers (he tried everything on the menu), 3 drinks, 3ice-creams, 2 chicken, 1 poridge, 1 pie, and 3 fries! That easily accumulate to RM70!


I just got my own set of Astro today. Ita and I decided to install astro atour room, just to make sure that we didn't miss Desperate Housewife :-). Sowe got one each. Now I am able to have the remote to my self and watch myfav programes on MTV, Channel V, HBO, and all..

Thursday, October 13, 2005


One of my staff got admitted to the hospital today. They said because of high fever. Being a responsible and caring superior, I went to the fruitstall, bought him some fruits and drinks (its not my fault, there is nodelifrance here in kerteh!) Off I went to Dungun Hospital. The place wasphetatic! A dorm-like ward, with no spring mattress, and no aircond.Spending 30 minutes of my time, giving enuf time for me to be grateful toGod. Grateful to be fortunate enuf to have brain and study my ass off inthe Uni, fortunate enuf to get a scholarship and fortunate enuf to secure ajob... Not just "a" job, but a very gud job per say. If I should be sick inthe future, God forbids, Im entitled to be admitted into a first classward, complete with my own room and TV. Looking at the poor boy's face, Ifeel ashame of my self. All my clerks in the office work their guts out,day in, day out just to earn a decent few hundreds dollar at the end ofeach months. Where else myself, the so called "executive" sittingcomfortably at my work station, doing some so-called strategic thinking,decision making and planning. Is that fair?I would bet, giving him a second chance, he too would study his ass off inthe school in order for him to earn what I am earning now, to be sittingwhere I am sitting now and to get the benefits Im getting now.

Monday, October 10, 2005


When I was in school days, having girl talk with my friends, the main topicwould be, obviously guys! When asked to describe our dream guy, romantic,gud looking, and rich would score high on the list. When it comes to myturn, I have a slight different view. I won't deny that some of thecharacteristics mentioned earlier would score some point too, but to me, Iwould prefer something else. I would love to meet a guy who really cherishor adore me.. Some one who appreciate every single bit of me. Someone whojust love the way I speak, the way I walk, the way I do things, or even theway I sleep.. Hehe.. Simply say, I like someone who likes me the way I am.Someone who would think of me where ever he goes, or what ever he does! Idon't know if it is destiny or just a normal coincidents, but today, I gotan e-mail that reads:

"Saya sgt2 tertarik cara awak treat people..ur smile, ur voice, ur tone ,ur dimple, ur laugh...the way u think ..make me thing ..untung nye sape dpt awak.."

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


First day of ramadhan and first time celebrating it in Terengganu. A daybefore puasa, everybody in the office is busy talking about what to preparefor sahur. And that evening, everybody left early. I am still replyinge-mails until one of my staf asked,

Staff: Cik tak balik lagi ke?
Me: lambat sikit.. Saya bukan nak masak pun
Staff: kesian sahur sorang2. Cik sahur makan apa? Tak masak ke?
Me: *trying not to cry* Entah la.. Makan McD jer kot

I went to pasar ramadhan in kertih with Ita and her housemate Niza. A lot of people there, I was facing difficulties in fiding a car park. My mom called last night and said it must be very nice to celebrate ramadhan interengganu and the food at the bazaar will be very tasty. But it turns out differently! I walk up and down the bazaar and all I can see is murtabak,keropok lekor, nasi kerabu or sweet-to-death kuih. No kebab, No roti john,No otak2 (now I really missed KL). Thinking of all the pasar ramadhan inPJ, SS14, KJ, Subang, Kg Jawa, Stadium and others, really made me feel likerunning back to KL there and then! I am not complaining.. I am grateful tobe able to celebrate ramadhan once again.. And hopefully Syawal :-) But...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

night out

A few of my orientation friends from KL is coming to kertih today (meeting,audit, offshore and all). So, we, people in kertih decided to take them outfor dinner. Nothing fancy, but we had a great time.. Nice food, nice chatand all.. On our way back, I decided to ask Syahril to drop me at the guardpost since he will have to drive another 14 KM or so to drop the rest ofthem at the hotel... And MA agreed to fetch me there (guard post). But itturns out to be a bad idea. The e-mail below explains everything :

From MA:

u are mad at me, aren't u? I knew what u had in your mind, that
i really owe u an apology for putting in trouble, waiting and
walking home just by urself.
well if so, " Liza, thousands apologies!!, I'm truly sorry"
whatever it was, actually I could explain which I would and I
know, I will.... when I got a chance.
as u wish.... no more ..... no more .... and no more ...... and
no more ....... and so on...

Mechanical Planner - Static
Tel: 09 - 8***** H/P: 019 - 9*****
e-mail: MA@p*******

From Me:

It is not a big matter actually. let me tell u what actually happened last nite

1) syahril drop me off at the guard post.
2) I called u but u didn't answer (u were performing prayer)
3) I didn't know what to do, my bat is getting low
4) I realize that Ileft my house key in syahril's car
5) Im affraid that I will not be able to call my house mate since my batt is getting very low 6) decided to walk back home
7) I walk thru the children's playground
8) got home and Im sweating and realize that I left my charger in the office
9) getting ready for sleep and realize how stupid i've reacted (should have wait for you at the guard post)

It is not ur mistake, I yang tak reti bersabar... Im sorry

Public Affairs and General Services
tel: (+609) 8** **** / fax: (+609) 8** ****
email: sm@p*******

Sunday, October 02, 2005

what a girl wants

Me... U know what... tomrw is the anniversary of my engagement...
Me... tetiba I rasa sedih pulak :-(
ita... kesian kat u...but u should also feels relieved...
ita... just think u r lucky u r not married to him...
Me... yes.. but I kesian kat dia... mesti dia sgt sedih..
Me... hopefully he will find someone ealse
Me... salah eje... someone else
ita... he got no one else to blame but himself
ita... sapa tak takut kena threaten macam tu sampai
ita... n hopefully he wont be like that again with that someone else...
Me... yup. nasib baik I tak buat the biggest mistake in my life... kalau tak, I will be unhappily married by now...
ita... i hope u will marry someone good
ita... damn...i hope i will marry someone good too
Me... you will... don't worry,...
Me... perempuan yg baik utk lelaki yg baik...
Me... u baik tak?
ita... err...i think so hehe
ita... but ramai gak pompuan yg baik unfortune enough to marry a lunatic
ita... unfortunate...duh
Me... hehe...
Me... that must be bcoz of karma or something...
Me... she must have done something bad in the past...
Me... not that i believe in karma or anything... but... as da saying goes "what goes around, comes around"
ita... they say hidup, mati and jodoh is predetermined
ita... there's one guy out there meant for me
ita... i just wonder where the hell he is now
ita... n whats taking him so long
Me... you buat I gelak la petang2 nie...
Me... and I am wondering where is mine as well...
Me... most probably our man is getting prepared to meet us kot..
Me... mana tau... he's in US ke skarang...
Me... nanti terjumpa kat airport... masa U tgh transit ke...
Me... tak pun jumpa masa kita pegi tour europe next year :-)
ita... hehe...maybe kot. tak jumpa sbb mmg tak jumpa lagi
ita... a mat salleh guy kat europe...
ita... tak hensem sangat...mcm brad pitt je...thehehe
ita... we come...
Me... cewah... nak brad pitt jer... boleh la tu...
Me... who knows, you can take him over from that jolie girl
ita... hah. in my dreams...tak hingin deh brad pitt kat aku hehe
ita... but seriously, looks is just bonus factor...asalkan sedap mata memandang cukup lah
ita... to me intellect is the most important
ita... i got a temper and i cant stand slow witted person
ita... nanti i yg buat domestic violence hehe
Me... woit... ganas betul...
Me... agreed... kalau slow nak buat apa...
Me... nak kena explain one-by-one lak..
Me... leceh la...
Me... kalau mcm tu, u kena buat IQ test la pulak...
Me... certain level jer is accepted
ita... hehe takdela sampai nak harvard grad
ita... pandai sgt pun susah gak
ita... as long as he undertstands what the heck i'm talking abt dah le
ita... not that i talk much hehe

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Perfect day

Ita and I decided to berbuka at Residence Resort in Paka. since this morning, all I can think off is the food that I saw in the buffet flyers. It states that residence is preparing more then 120 menu for the buffet. yum...yum... its still 7 more hours to berbuka :-(

we leave office at 5 sharp. it is ita's turn to drive today. Since we are housemate now, we decided to be more economic and more environmental friendly by car pooling (be cool, car pool!). anyway, we reach the hotel at exactly 6.30. met Ita's ex-housemate there. we shared a table. ha..ha... makan time! (I leave that to your imagination). The four of us (girls) talking and gossipping like nobody's business. It's almost 9.30 that we realize it is just the four of us left in the restaurant.. hehe.. girls and gossip!

on our way back, Ita suggested that we have coffee at another hotel (awana kijal). I was so damn bloody tired and sleepy, but it was just 10 o'clock, so I decided to follow. It turns out to be a gud idea anyway. we had our nice hot coffee by the beach while the band is playing a nice romantic love song. A perfect coffee, perfect atmosphere, perfect night, perfect song, with a not-so-quite perfect partner.. hehe.. I secretly wish Ita is someone else, then everything will be perfectly PERFECT!

I pack my back once I got back to our house (going back to KL tomorrow-yeehaa!).
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