Thursday, September 24, 2009

3D Movie

Have you ever seen a 3D movie before? I have, twice. First was the movie "Journey to Centre of the Earth". I went with my nephew, nene. The movie was great as it was fast moving and I always have a thing for fantasy and animated movie. Nene had fun. As it was 3D, my nephew cant sit still as he kept on standing and extending is hands in attempt to grab whatever things flying towards our direction. It looks real!

Recently I went to watch Final Destination 4 with my fiance. I didnt enjoy it. I belive those who watched Final Destination 1, 2, and 3 would agree with me that the way all the cast in the movie died was very brutal. I had brutal. I love peace.. hehe. I was restless through out the movie. Not only that I have to watch them die brutally, but also in 3D! imagine that... huhu.. I closed my eyes most of the part. Especially the "dying" part.

And also, 3D movie makes my head spin. Porbably because of the special 3D glasses that you have to wear throughout the screening for the 3D effect. I had to take it out several time to relax my eyes. You have no choice but to put it on back as the picture on the screen is overlaping, unlike the normal screening. Do you get what I'm saying? hahaha

To get the first hand experience, I would suggest for you to try it on your own, then decide. The price is RM18/pax as opposed to the normal cinema price which is RM10/pax.

Coke Contour Glass

I am sooo excited. I love this coca-cola glass. I had one (free gift) a few years back, but it was stolen. I'm so getting this one today. Can't decide yet which color to choose. If i were to pick all seven, I will have to purchase 7 Coke Contour Glass Meal (kena beli large pulak tu!)... heh!


Discount Duration : Wed, 23 Sep 2009 - Fri, 30 Oct 2009, 11am till 4am (For a limited time only. )
Promotion : Get a FREE Coca-Cola Glass with every Coke Contour Glass Meal (any Large McValue Meal with a Sundae).
Products Offered : Collect all 7 (one colour at a time. while stocks last): - Perky Pink - Cool Blue - Fortune Green - Iconic Grey - Royal Purple - Fresh Lime - Sparkly Clear


This is the first year I'm celebrating hari raya as someone's fiance. And this year will be the last year for me celebrating raya as a bechalor. Next year I will be celebrating it with my hubby (IsyaAllah).

But belive me or not, as of today, 6th day of Hari Raya, I still didnt have the chance to "beraya" with my fiance. At first it was ok with me, until my friends begin to share their Hari Raya experiences.

Friend 1: Tunang aku 3rd raya dah balik KL, raya rumah aku pulak
Friend 2: Pagi raya aku raya rumah tunang aku dulu, then baru balik kg. Jalan pun tak jem by that time
Friend 3: Aku cuti 2 hari jer... nak raya rumah tunang aku pulak
Cousin: Dulu masa still couple, hubby aku 2nd raya drive all the way from Pahang datang KL sebb nak raya kat umah aku..

Suddenly I feel really2 sad :( I really2 miss my fiance, and cant hel but to think that I'm not his priority. I'm not asking to put me first instead of his parents, but at least give me a spot, sumwhere in his priority list.

Sedey :(

Hari Raya & such

This year's raya was not as bad I tot it would be. My 2nd sis came with her family from Penang. However my lil sis went back to her hubby's kampung in N9.
Went for Solat Raya with 2nd sis and her family. Tak jauh pun, kat surau sebelah rumah.

First and second raya was filled with visiting relatives house. I was trying really hard to maintain my diet, but all the food was simply too delicous. The tomato rice that my father made (tomato rice is my fav!) is finger liking good that I had to have it twice!

My lil sis came back to KL on second raya. So malam tu all of us (1st sis, 2nd sis, me, and lil sis) went for drinks at Old Town White Coffee in Jalan Yap Kawn Seng. The place was really crowded. We had to wait for about 10 minutes before being seated. 2 tables away from ours was one of the most famous host in Malaysia, which is Aznil Nwwi. Non of us are his fan, so we just ignored. We sisters starting to talk about our childhood. The sweet, and fun experience. And naturally our voice became louder and once in a while statring to lough histerically. It was loud, i must admit. But, the kopitiam is not a fine dining restaurant of any sort. So i really belive it was acceptable. But the clan at Aznil's table starting to turn and making remark. At one point, they are begining to mock our talk, giggles and laugh. I know they wanted to offend us, but we just ignored. After 2 hours or so, we decided it was time to go home (it was already 3am). As we leave the table one by one, we heard Aznil (yes, the man himself) pass a remark "Hye dah puas gelak? nak balik dah ke????" To me, it is acceptable if it came from an average Joe. You are a celebrity la... come on. The so called the hisgest paid Host in Malysia. Please carry your image well. You have to behave no matter in what circumstances. Before, I was never your fan, but now, I begin to hate you. Dah la tak straight, mulut plak macam perempuan. you sucks man!

Anyway, I started working on Wednesday as i didnt take any extra leave for Hari Raya (nak save annual leave for wedding preparation). And as predicted, the road was empty and so is the parking lot at KJ LRT. Normally the parking lot will be full at 7am. But that day, although it was already 7.05am, im still facing difficulties, only this time, difficulties in choosing a spot as there were sooooo many to choose from!

It didnt get any better at the office. There were all together 4 people at the floor I'm working at. Boring like hell. I spent 97.99% of the day surfing the net. Im just not on the mood to work. Sorry boss!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

1 Syawal 1430H

"Ini wang aku gantikan keatas beras fitrah sebanyak RM7 wajib keatas diriku kerana Allah ta'ala"

Those are more or less the "lafaz" that are required for muslims to recite when paying for their zakat fitrah. This year is the first time I'm paying the fitrah. Not that I didnt pay them the previous years. Before would ask my brother in law to represent myself, but this year the timing was wrong, and everyone had paid theirs except for me.

My father stop paying my share of zakat fitrah once I started working. I'm not sure how it works but most of my friends that I know, their parents will be paying for them until they are married. It is not the $7 that I'm making a big fuss about, it is the sense of beloging, knowing that someone is responsible towards you. As for me, I'm responsible on myself, so I have to pay my own zakat. I'm not sad, I'm just saying.

Next year IsyaAllah my hubby will start paying for me. Finally someone will be responsible for me.

Ok, now I'm talking crap.

Its alread 12.59am. Today muslims all over the world is celebrating Eid Fitri. I would like to take the chance to wish all of you a happy Hari Raya, maaf zahir & batin

1 Syawal, 20 Sept 209

Oct issue of Majalah Pengantin

The latest edition of Pengantin mag is out in the stores. My wedding preparation is now almost 80% completed, but I'm still purchasing all of the wedding related mags that I can get my hands on. I still want to see if the is any new style or trends, etc.

The October issue of Majalah Pengatin is special in the sense that the mag is celecrating its 100th issue. But sadly its 100th issue is not special at all. Nothing special being introduced. It was just like any other issues. At least give us readers more pages, or extra hands out (diary, reference, scrap book, etc):p

Dave's Deli

Fiance and I went to Subang Parade yesterday for Buka Puasa. We really thought that 2 days before Hari Raya would simply mean that less people in the shopping mall as most of them would be heading back to respective home town already.

Well, we thought wrong. As early as 5.30pm, most of the restaurant had already stop taking reservations for Buka Puasa. Imagine that!

So we are only left with one option, Dave's Deli. Growing up, me and my school friends frequent this restaurant every now and then to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, gathering and so on. One of the reason is because of the environtment of the restaurant, the menu (they have roasted chicken, and the best lasagne of all time) and most importantly is the affordable price.


Roasted chicken with sides (Coleslow & Mashed potatos)

2in1 combo (beef lasagne & bolognies)

Coming in to the restaurant, u can see a huge banner hanged on top of the entrance that reads "Ramadhan special: Complimentary Sirap Bandung & Kurma". So we decided to order just one drink. We made our order, paid the amount, and secured a table. Later we decided to walk around the mall while waiting for buka puasa time.

At 7pm, we went to the restaurant. Our food is already on the table, but no folk & spoon, no tissue, no drinks. Then buka puasa time arrived. Fiance went to the counter to get our drinks (that we ordered and paid for). He waited almost 10 mins just to get the drink and fork & spoon. I can see few waiters running around the place. So un organized. So inefficient. I dont see the purpose for all of the customers to pre-ordered their food only to find that they are not ready in time.

In the end, we still did not get to taste/ enjoy the so called COMPLIMENTARY kurma or the Sirap Bandung. Not that im so suck up for free things, but dont promise if you cant deliver.

Books currently reading

In April 2008, the world watched in horror as the news of Josef Fritzl made worldwide headlines. But for one British woman the story was not the stuff of unimaginable nightmares. Alice Lawrence knew all too well the torture suffered at the hands of a father whose depravity knew no bounds. She too was kept prisoner and repeatedly made pregnant - and it was only after the death of one of her babies that she finally found the courage to escape.
Born in 1970, Alice grew up in the impoverished backstreets of an industrial Northern town with her parents and seven brothers and sisters. She was first raped by her father when she was 11. From the age of 15, she was made pregnant six times by him in an effort to secure additional state benefits. All bar one of her pregnancies failed, but her daughter never made it through her first year.
The death of her baby was the spur to Alice bringing her father and abuser to justice. Finally, Alice can tell her deeply moving story of recovery from abuse.


This is the sequel of the earlier book that I bought, Master of The Game. The story line was really2 good that I cant wait to read the sequal. Sidney Sheldon never let you down!

Beloved number one internationally bestselling author Sidney Sheldon introduced the glamorous, scheming Blackwell family and its unforgettable matriarch, Kate Blackwell, in his worldwide bestseller Master of the Game. Now a generation has passed, and as the world has changed, so too has America's own royal family.

Yet the intervening years have not lessened the Blackwells' drama or talent for manipulation, domination, and passion. Though Kate is long gone, the children of her beloved granddaughters, Eve and Alexandra, battle to carry on her powerful legacy. Each is determined to control Kruger-Brent, Ltd., the multibillion-dollar international corporation with holdings in diverse industries around the globe. But only one can reign supreme. . . .

Lexi Templeton is a ruthless competitor with the brains and beauty to match. Raised by her psychiatrist father, Lexi burns to follow in her great-grandmother's footsteps and become her own Mistress of the Game.

She is not alone in her ambitions. Her handsome and nefarious cousin, Max Webster, the son of Eve, will stop at nothing to own the prize of Kruger-Brent. Driven by hatred, jealousy, and blinding devotion to his bitter and twisted mother, he will seduce, betray, and even kill to succeed.

And there is another player with plans of his own: a little-known descendant of Kate's great-grandfather. Growing up in poverty in Aberdeen, Scotland, handsome and cunning Gabriel McGregor is determined to fulfill his destiny . . a quest that will lead him deep into the heart of the Kruger-Brent empire.

In a family rife with secrets?murder, hidden identities, perversions?and a depraved sense of honor, the player who wins the game may be the only one who will survive.

Full of the late master's trademark elements?remarkable characters, dazzling plotting, and a page-turning narrative style?this sizzling sequel vividly captures the master's voice and irresistible magic. Vintage Sheldon, Mistress of the Game will enthrall loyal fans and introduce his enduring brand to legions more.


I've seen the trailer of the movie. But the movie is yet to be shown in Malaysia. Eversince, I've been trying so hard to get my hand on the novel. It seems to be the most wanted novel now as it was sold out in most of the major book store. I've tried Kinokuniya, Borders, but was disapointed. Finally, while waiting to meet my fiance at Subang Parade, I went to the MPH and as I walk past the Best Seller section, I found it! yeay!

The Time Traveler's Wife, published in 2003, is the debut novel of American author Audrey Niffenegger. It is a love story about a man with a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel unpredictably, and about his wife, an artist who has to cope with his frequent absences and dangerous experiences. Niffenegger, frustrated in love when she began the work, wrote the story as a metaphor for her failed relationships. The tale's central relationship came to her in a flash one day and subsequently became the novel's title. The novel, which has been classified as both science fiction and romance, examines issues of love, loss, and free will. In particular, it uses time travel to explore miscommunication and distance in relationships. It also investigates deeper existential questions.

As a first-time novelist, Niffenegger had trouble finding a literary agent. She eventually sent the novel to MacAdam/Cage unsolicited and, after an auction took place for the rights, Niffenegger selected them as her publisher. It became a bestseller after an endorsement from author and family friend Scott Turow on The Today Show, and as of March 2009 had sold nearly 2.5 million copies in the United States and the United Kingdom. Many reviewers were impressed with Niffenegger's unique perspective on time travel. Some praised her characterization of the couple, applauding their emotional depth; others criticized her writing style as melodramatic and the plot as emotionally trite. The novel won the Exclusive Books Boeke Prize and a British Book Award. A film version was released in August 2009.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

H.I.V Screening

I've been dreading one part of the wedding to-do-list that is H.I.V screening. I hate needles. Well, in another word, I'm scared of it. But it was one of the requirement. Therefor, it is not an option.

So today we took half of the day off to do the test. There is only one clinic in Petaling Jaya authorized by Jabatan Agama Islam for the screening, that is the government clinic in Kelana Jaya.

We arrived at 1.50pm, and we can see that there were already few people lining up infront of the entrance. The clinic is closed during lunch time and H.I.V test is only carried out after 2pm daily.

After filling up the forms, we waited patiently (and nervously, for me that is) for our turn. In-fact, we are the first couple to arrived for the test. There are about few more couples afer us.

My fiance were called first. The test were conducted just over the counter. All you have to do is extend your hand to the nurse, and the rest, i dindnt know as i was sooo affraid to watch. And my fiance is done. I look at his face for any sign of pain. He just smiled.

Me: Awak, sakit tak?
Him: Nak saya tipu or cakap betul2?
Me: Awak!!!
Him: hehehe.. saya rasa awak mesti rasa sakit sikit... tapi sikit jer... awak jgn menjerit tau.. buat malu jer...

And my turn comes. I put on a brave face and walk over to the counter. The nurse confirm my name once again. Then she took out a fresh test kit. Inside the kit, i can see an alcohol cotton sheet, a test strip, a tiny pump (to collect the blood) and most importantly, needle, well, not the traditional looking needle, this is a small square box, where the nurse will place it at the point of your index fingure, and with one push (it has spring i guess), the tip of your fingure will bleed.

when the nurse is begining to wipe my fingure with the alcohol sheet, i quickly glance away to look at my fiance, and "pop"! the needles in and out, and the nurse collected my blood using the tiny pump and place it on the test strip. It did hurt little bit. But not enough to bring out tears.. hehehe. The nurse then instructed us to wait infront of another counter for the result.

After 10 minutes of waiting, the result is out. "Non-Active", for both of us. Meaning we are free from the virus. And this simply mean that we are allowed to be married. Another step closer :)

Tonite, fiance will be meeting with his kadi. Once it is registered with Jabatan Agama Islam, I will begin with my registration (apparently that is the required step)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Buka Puasa

Last saturday I have training in the office. The training took the whole day. Adoi, sangat la tak suka training di bulan puasa. Later in the evening, my fiance decided to come to KLCC to breakfast with me.

We went to Chilis.At 5.30pm, the que is starting to build up. We were number 3 in the que. I asked the waiter and were told that they stop all guest coming in to the restaurant at 5.45pm to give room to Buka Puasa batch and we will only be allowed in at 6.15pm. Gosh! we hafta que for another 45mins! Nasib la ada fiance, boleh la jugak manja2 mintak dia tolong carry my handbag.

Well, this is what we had. Lupa dah apa nama dia. But fiance had the mini cheese burgers (apparently it is new on the menu), i had chicken salad (nak start diet la konon), and brownies for desert. Yummy!


We finally got our honeymoon package! Thanks to MATTA Fair, I believe we got the best bargain in town. We went there at 10.30am. And after almost 4 hours walking around the 3 halls in PWTC, asking questions, browsing, and comparing, we finally got what we want. It was totally worth it. Thanks fiance... sayang awak :)

You hafta pay RM3/person for entrance (Dapat nylon beg to put all flyers kot and also face mask)

We paid RM2,300 (well, my fiance paid.. hehe)and below are the package that we got:

- 4D3N stay in private villa (in the mountain area facing the beach)
- Private pool and jacuzzi
- 2 hours couple aromatherapy spa
- daily breakfast to be served at villa (and we get to set the breakfast time, all you have to do is call)
- romantic dinner at villa
- Welcome drink, honeymoon cake, special flower arrangements in room
- 1 romantic dinner at beach
- Tour

owh I cant wait! Since the villa tersangat la best, we decided to spend more time in the villa and less time touring the place... hehehe. We will go to few tourist attraction spots and leave the rest for our next visit. Fiance suggested for us to set up Vacation fund so that we will make it a point to travel every year. Next stop is Liverpool. Heh! obsess taw dgn the team... apa2 la sayang, janji jalan :D

The travelling agent also was kind enough to give us beg tag. There were 3 colors to choose from. Since it took me so long to decide between the 3 colors (green, black or red), the agent decided to give us all 3! hehehe. I know it was nothing, but small things counts rite?

Some preview of the villa. Menarik kan?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

MATTA Fair 2009

MATTA FAIR IS BACK!!The most awaited and anticipated travel fair of the year returns with loads of offers from hundred of exhibitors. MATTA FAIR September 2009 will be held at Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur from 4th-6th of September 2009.

I will definitely grab this chance to get our honeymoon package. Still deciding where to go. We have 3 options in mind. Will look at the best bargain. Wish us luck!



too little time, so many things to do

It is about 3 months left to my wedding. Plus and minus puasa, raya, my endless outstations, etc, ada la lebih kurang 2 months. Adoi!

It triggers my nervous higher after having a conversation with a friend of mine who is getting married a week after mine.

Him: Kau punye preparation so far macam mana?
Me: ok kot.. huhu. kau?
Him: So far benda2 penting dah settle. Kau dah beli cincin?
Me: Blom. kau?
Him: Dah, kitorang beli last week. Habib tgh sale nie. Baik ko beli cepat. Card?
Me: Blom. Kau?
Him: 2 weeks before raya dapat la... ko ni relax jer ye.

It is freaking me out! they have already registered with the Kadi. Dah buat HIV test, and other stuff as well. As for me, i have few other things still pending on my checklist (at least I have a checklist). Caterer for nikah, kompang group, cincin, few other stuff for hantaran, favor for akad nikah. arrrrgghhhh saya tatut! baju nikah pun blom ada. Ok, I have to make a promise to myself. I will focus on my wedding more this week onwards!

I love you, to the moon and back

I made a card for my fiance. No special occasion, no particular reason. Just wanted to let him know how much I love him and that he is frequently on my mind *awww..*

Tittle of the card is "I love you, to the moon and back". Inside the card, well, its secret :D I posted it to his office.

He received it yesterday. And he just said thank you. Penat2 saya buat card tu, kata tq jer :(

But I was wrong.. hehe. During break-fast, he asked me to close my eyes as he have a surprise to me. Tada! it's a bouquet of flowers. And he said "I love you to the moon and back too". *blushing*

Thx sayang... I wasnt expecting anything in return. But I love it. xoxoxo

note: please excuse the picture quality. camera murah :D

Ratu Sehari

The new addition of Ratu Sehari is now out in the stores. Feels like forever to wait for the new edition of this mag to be out in the market. This is simply because the mag is produced only 3 times in a year. I love this mag as compared to any other wedding related mag is because of the graphic used, the layout, compact with latest info and trend, and others. But it is a little bit bulky which make it less mobile.

Check out the cover

This month's bonus: Diari Ratu Sehari (A complete guide/checklist for bride to be) a must have!

Check out page 230 - 231, a friend of mine is featured on it. So brides to be, go and grab a copy now!
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