Monday, June 29, 2009


I’m engaged! Errrr… for the second time. The first was way back in 2004. it was at the tender age of 24 years old. But it didn’t work out. We called it off, well; actually it was me who called it off. Y you may ask. Entahla…. At that point of time, I put all the blame on my ex-fiancĂ©. But looking back, I’m sure I was partly to be blamed too. Anyway, like people always said, takde jodoh….

And 5 years after that, I finally found my jodoh  it was the same guy who touched my heart (if you read my previous entry), and he was my bf of almost 4 years.

Experiencing the whole engagement process for the second time, I can’t help but to compare. I realized that I felt more anxious, nervous, excited, happy, thrill all at the same time. The first time I got engage, I felt empty. I didn’t feel happy neither did I felt sad. I’m just confused. Owh, lets not discuss further... I just don’t feel like revisiting my past.

I got engaged few weeks back. 09 May 09 marked the first journey towards marriage life. In summary, I love the simple baju kurung that I wore, I love my make up, I wore tudung voluntarily (and I think I feel very comfortable in it), I love my hantaran, I feel more relax, very2 sure of my decision and certainly looking forward to build my future with this man. Hahahhahaha… jiwang la pulak. Masa nak sarung cincin tu, I cant sensed that my future MIL is extremely nervous.. so sweet  ye la… I’m the first menantu. The ring was a bit loose. The mom asked if I loose weight (which I didn’t).

Everything went well. Alhamdulillah.

It was agreed that Akad Nikah to be held on 12/12/09 and reception on the same day. The reception at Alor Setar on the other hand will be held one week after which is on 19/12/09. I can’t wait!

The week after, my fiancé and I decided to attend Kursus Kahwin straight away. Tu pun because one my event scheduled to be held that week was canceled. Lega dah settle the 2 days course since it seems almost impossible to find a weekend that both of us are not occupied with work.

Now dah start sikit2 on preparation. Reading magazines and blogs, searching for supplier, comparing, and doing check list. It beginning to freak me out since our wedding is in less then 6 months. And time cuti sekolah pulak tu. Sure ramai org kawen. So I have to act fast if I want to secure the best!

So friends, wish me luck.

Will keep you posted.
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