Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Terrifying experience

I was on outstation yesterday. It was only a day trip. I took the 6.30am FireFly flight from Subang Airport to Kerteh.

Coming back from KL, I took the 6.20pm flight back to KL (duh… memang sehari ada 2 flight jer pun coming in and going out from Kerteh… hahaha).

The journey normally took about 1 hour. After spending the first 45 minutes reading the new novel that I bought, I decided to relax my eyes for the remaining 15 minutes. Suddenly I hear the pilot announced for all the passengers to get back to their seat and buckle up. 5 minutes later, the plane is experiencing the most terrible air turbulence that I ever experience in my whole life. The plane is dropping down and coming back up again for few times. I tighten my belt and held tight to the arm rest. The English man seated next to me is holding bending his head down to his lap. Just like in the emergency instruction manual that you can find in your seat pocket. Then everything went back to normal. 45 minutes went and we are still on the air. According to the English men next to me, the plane is circulating at the same spot for 8 times! I believe the pilot is unable to land the flight due to the bad weather.

Looking down the window, I can already see the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I begin to think that the pilot decided to land there instead. But I was wrong. This is probably because the traffic was heavy. I begin to feel motion sickness. I shut my eyes close and begin to pray. The lady seated across me had already vomited.
Few minutes later, I can see the Subang Airport. It is still raining heavily outside with thunderstorm and lightning making the whole situation worst.

The whole plane remains silent and focuses on the landing. We finally land safely and the whole plane cheered and giving a loud applause. Phew… I cried. Happy tears.
The stewardess told me that if it is not because of the experience and high skilled pilot, we could have skidded on the runway. Bravo Mr Pilot!

Yes, I was traumatized by the experience. But my job requires me to travel. That leaves me no option. The only alternative is to drive. But it can be really tiring at times. Nak naik bus? huhu.

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