Tuesday, October 26, 2010


all im feeling right now is sad, anger, restless, tired, unsure, insecure and uncertain.
I'm always certain. My goals, my aim, my wants... Are always clear. So once in a while, whenever i am uncertain, i will get mad and upset.
And im getting tired too. Tired of being the one who is always motivated. In fact the only one. I'm too eager. Always ahead of my game, always the one who sets direction, always the one who makes decision. It wud be great to have someone, once in a while to hold ur hands and lead the way... Hmmm

Really, im tired...

Monday, October 25, 2010


I went to watch The Switch staring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. The movie sucks (big time), totally predictable and the story line is slow as snail.

But there was one part that reminded me of friends. Friends that come and go in my life. Friends that leave foot prints in your heart. Friends that makes you who you are today.

In that movie Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) and Wally (Jason Bateman) are best friends. Kassie is a single 40 year old who decided to get pregnant through sperm donor and to make the long story short, she got pregnant and decided to go back to her hometown and her best friend Wally are left in New York. Before they separated, they made promise to each other that they will write to each other everyday and keep in touch no matter what. But obviously that never happened. The daily mail soon turn out to be weekly and slowly turns monthly and eventually narrow down to only exchange of festive cards.

The point that I'm making here is that the situation above is very true (not the sperm donor part, but the promise-to-keep-in-touch part). Over the years, I made lots of friends. Close friends. Starting from school years, university, from previous office and current workplace. Before we depart for different directions, to pursue different dreams, we promised to each other that we will keep in touch. No matter what. But who are we kidding? We are too occupied with our daily responsibility until slowly time and take over. What's left between us are space. *sigh*

But my dear friend(s) [you know who you are], although I cant keep my promise to stay in touch (we must be out of our mind to make the promise to write to each other daily), but believe me you are always in my heart.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hai Peng Kopitiam

If you happen to pass-by Kemaman on your way to Terengganu or happened to be anywhere near, do drop by at this famous Coffee Shop; Hai Peng (seriously, rugi tak singgah!)

My ol' time favorite drink is COCO LAVA. It is coffee blended with vanilla ice-cream. SANGAT SEDAP. It is way sedap compared to any other high-end-branded-coffee-shop and way cheaper too (but it comes in one size only. So jangan la ngada2 nak mintak small, tall, or grande :p)

Owh, and dont forget to try its roti bakar too. Kaya dia best. If you wanna tapau some as a souvenirs back home, they do sell their kopi (3in1 or 2in1) and kaya.

Hai Peng Kopitiam
3753 Jalan Sulaimani
24000 Kemaman
(6.45am – 6pm)
09 859 7810

Pampering-my-car Week

This week I decided to really give my focus on my car. So many things need to be done to her. Service (due by 2,000 km!), Windscreen replacement (dah pecah for more than 4 months already), and wash (errr... I'm not gonna tell you dah berapa lama tak cuci kereta. Sgt lama!).

I was really grateful that I decided to pay additional amount for windscreen insurance coverage (it is optional). I paid additional RM75 and the coverage is up to RM500! So I look up for Allianz (Insurance Company) website and obtained a list of panel that I can go for windscreen replacement. You dont have to make a police report if the replacement are made at the panel workshop. And it is cashless too. How convenient!


And today I went to Shah Alam to carry out the scheduled service. Owh my... Sending your car for its service adalah activity yang paling membosankan dalam dunia! I waited for almost 4 hours before it is finally ready. Macam2 la masalahnye. rim bengkok la... alignment lari la, filter aircond kotor la.. Luckily the Service Centre throw in free car wash to all its customer. So, tukar cermin = checked, service kereta = checked, cuci kereta = checked.

My car felt brand new (well, almost :p)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lindt - Lindor

My friend asked me to buy for her this chocolate from the Airport Duty Free Shop.

This is one damn expensive chocolate (excuse my language). RM67.90 per bottle. I'm not sure how many chocolates are there in the tube, roughly about 30pcs i think (so the cost per piece is +-RM2!). Being the "hantu" chocolate myself, i was tempted to purchase one.

And fair enough, chocolate ini sangat la SEDAP!

The rich and creamy taste of fine chocolate (it tasted expensive too), and it has a melted chocolate in the middle. (It harden if you store it in the fridge but will quickly melt once left in room temperature).

I ate the chocolate yesterday. Once I tasted it, I cant stop my self from having the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Before I know it, I already had about more than 10 pcs! I was on sugar high! I cant sit still and literally jumping all over the house.

My friend told me that she only eat 1pc in one day (sebab mahal sgt and sebab rich sgt). So today I disciplined my self and only had 3 pcs so far :) hehehe

p/s: she will let me taste another brand of chocolate that taste way better then this one (and more expensive too.. phew!)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

post vacation

Hubby and I just returned from our short trip. We had so much fun! I enjoyed every moment that we spent together. Every journey, every day, we discovered something new about each other. Bad things, good things, things that made us loose our temper, things that we like to do, etc. Everyday we learned (and still learning) something new about each other. And accepting each others flaw.

Our flight from Bandung back to Malaysia was rescheduled to 8pm local time (it was delayed by 3 hours!). We arrived KL at 11pm. By then me and hubby was so beat up. Hubby had to carry and managed all of our 3 bags. Beg that we checked in weigh 15kg, his hand luggage weigh 5kg, my hand luggage weigh 8kg and that is 28kg in total! haha

He is still in bed now... sian dia. Lucky that today is Sunday and we have the whole day to recuperate.

You are suppose to come back from holiday glowing and energized, but we are in a total opposite.

But man, the shopping makes all the tiredness worth while.

I will update more in my next entry (with lots of pics).

Happy Sunday peps!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

One day I am Pregnant, the other day I am not...

21st June 2010 : Positive result on Ovulation Test Kit

It gives positive result after 3rd day of testing

6th July 2010 : Positive Home Pregnancy Test

Sebab excited sangat, I took another test the following week. They are still positive, and icing on the cake, the pregnancy is now 2 - 3 weeks. We can see progress there.

7th July 2010 : Positive Clinic Pregnancy Test (Twin Tower Medical Centre)

2nd August 2010 : First Gyne Check Up (Prince Court Medical Centre)

My hubby and I went to the hospital happy and excited like any other typical expecting parents-to-be (especially that we are newly wed). But we were delivered with devastating news. The pregnancy is not viable. The doc said, at 8 weeks, she is expecting to hear heart beat. But from the scan, we can only see the sac, but no fetus.. we are left speechless.

As per the size of the sac, it showed that I am only 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant, by right I am in my 8 weeks. Doc gave me second appointment on 20/08/10 to see the progress.

12th August 2010 : Second Opinion (Tropicana Medical Centre)

I went for second opinion the following week as I just couldn't wait for my second appointment with my ObGyn. The doctor confirmed that it is a blighted Ovum. If you are wondering what blighted ovum is, read here. And the size of my sac got smaller too. hmmm...

16th August 2010 : Brown spotting/ discharge (morning)

16th August 2010 : Fresh Blood discharge (evening)

17th August 2010 : Check up with gyne (Afternoon) (Prince Court Medical Centre)

The doc advised me to wait for the sac to come out naturally. But she warned me that it is going to be painful. She said I have 3 options.

1) D&C (To 'clean'' it out so that I can get over it quickly, and put me out of my misery)

2) Taking abortion pill. (It will force my abortion)

3) Let it come out naturally (It will take from 1 week to 1 month. Kalau tak keluar jugak, then I have to go for D&C)

Coincidently, my hubby is scheduled to go to Paris on the next day. How convenient is that? haih... Therefore we decided to wait until my hubby return and decide on the next step. Doc advised met not to stay at home alone and gave me 2 weeks MC as she doesnt want me to experience "it" at office. So we went home, speechless, once again.

18th August 2010

4.00am : Sent hubby to KLIA for Paris

6.30pm : Buka Puasa with SS, Bubba Gump @ The Curve with my friend

8.00pm : Stomach Cramping

8.30pm : Left for Home

9.00pm – 10.30pm : I stayed for more then an hour in the bathroom "fighting" and struggling through out the episode. Later I was told what I experienced is actually contraction. Owh my! Patut la aku berguling2 atas lantai toilet!

11.00pm : Emergency @ PCMC

After the episode, called my cousin who is living at the next block and she took me to the emergency @ PCMC. The doc asked me few questions and since he is not an expert of Gyne related matters, he made a phone call to the Gyne-on-call. Again he asked me few question and I told him that I suspected the whole thing came out and I flushed it out in the toilet! The doc said I should have brought it to the hospital so that they can verify it.They wanted to admit me to the hospital but i refused and promised that I will come back first thing the next day.

Check up with Gyne : 20th August 2010

scan & vaginal checking confirmed that everything came out, no D&C required. Phew! Alhamdulillah.

19th September 2010 – First period after miscarriage.

1st October 2010 – Follow up Check up with Gyne.

Confirmed that period cycle back to normal (alhamdulillah). Tapi I was kinda sad... because went I was there, this time, with empty stomach (or uterus), whereas every women around me in the hospital (at the gyne) is pregnant.. or with a baby, so yeah, it is kinda depressing...

also,I felt traumatized. The first time I went to PCMC with hubby, excited nak scan, tetiba dapat bad news :( haih...

but Doc said everything looks fine (she said that without even touching me... hahaha) My period is on track. So all I have to do now is "try all out!" >>> dats what the doctor said :p

Friday, October 08, 2010

Eat Pray Love - The Movie

Go ahead and miss me. Everytime you think of me, send me some love and light and just drop it" - Eat, Pray, Love

My sis went to watch this movie on its opening night. I was waiting, anxiously for this movie forever and was devastated (ok, devastated was a bit dramatic, frustrated la kot) when I found out from her that the movie was a bit disappointing. She said it was below her expectation and boring. How can the movie be boring when the great Julia Roberts is the lead Actress????

Hearing that, hubby terus tak bersemangat nak tengok. Since I've read the story book, and been waiting like crazy for the movie to be released in Malaysia, I still go ahead and watch it, alone. I doubt it can be any more worst than Gigli (Gigli is the movie staring by J-Lo and Ben-Afleck during their courtship era. I read in the preview, the movie was so bad, that in US, people either walk out of cinema during the movie or they fall asleep.. hahahahaha)

So I went ahead with my plan and watch it at KLCC after work last Wednesday.

The cinema is a full house. Throughout the movie, once in a while, people will be laughing hysterically, but I am watching it intensely that I couldn't careless to laugh. I was so absorbed into the movie and really into it.

I can really relate to the character. I mean, Liz in that movie is so determine and go for what she wants/ believe. But of course, in our culture, divorce is like a taboo. But in the movie, but she doesn’t believe in it (the marriage) anymore , so she is determine to walk out of it, whatever it takes, even if it means loosing all of her money to her husband.

I wish I am half as determine as her. Not the divorce part (I love my husband and marriage to bits), but when it comes to making decision, especially if it means breaking other people's heart (because I like to please people, although it means that i didnt get to do what i want).

And I love the idea of traveling… where u don’t have to repeat the same routine every day, no plans, nothing to think of (and no obligations or deadline)

Julia Roberts played the role so well. She is a bonafide Movie Star!

A lot of people asking me of the verdict of the movie. My answer is: I think some will hate it. I understand why they hate it. It is not like any other typical romantic comedy movie. But I love it. It got me thinking throughout the movie. It has a deep meaning, especially about life. (Gonna watch it again if I have the time, or else, will get the DVD for future watching.


1) Julia Roberts is so GORGEOUS in that movie. She is neither hot or sexy. But she is the type of women who doesn't have to work hard (be it make up, hair or fancy cloth) to make her look stunning. She is effortlessly beautiful! omg! when she smiles, all your troubles seems to go away.

2) Julia Roberts is 43! and she more lovely and pretty and graceful then ever! She was also awarded by People's Magazine as The Most Beautiful Person, 4 times (4 years) in a row! Not a single younger actress or artist can beat this 43-year old, mother of 3 beauty.

3) Right after the movie, I went to "tapau" bolognise spaghetti from KLCC Food Court. The spaghetti that Liz eat while she was in Italy looked so delicious that I am tempted to eat one myself!

Monday, October 04, 2010


I have a confession to make.. I'm a gleek!

For their upcoming season 2, one of the episodes will be featuring Britney Spears as the cameo! and I found this on youtube. Toxic by Glee cast. Sangat best ok! I cant wait to watch the complete episode.


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