Thursday, August 06, 2009


Before, I can’t even understand why people love Nandos so much. I tasted them once, but I despise their own made chili sauce. I always think that Kenny Rogers is way better.

But after working in KLCC, after some convincing and persuasion by my friends, I had my lunch at Nandos for the second time after few years. And to my surprise, I love them. I love the chicken, the herbs and spices used to marinate the chicken; and I love the fact that they can design the chicken according to your tolerance level towards spiciness.

The one particular menu that I always ordered for lunch is Pita Chicken(hot)with 1 side dish (RM14.90++). I always ordered either coleslaw or potato salad for my sides. But last week I tried their baked vege. They are nice too. The fact they freshly bake your vege makes the whole eating experience feels healthier… hehehe… whatever that means.

See that snapshots below, tell me what do you think?

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