Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ikan Hodoh

My company receives a group of visitors from Terengganu today. I accompanied the delegates for dinner at Nelayan Titiwangsa restaurant.

This is my first time visiting this restaurant. Before, I know that this place is jam packed especially during Ramadhan due to their reasonable price. They served steamboat buffet. Although there are not so much variety (ye la, dah bayar RM24/pax, you cant expect more), the food are tasty! Sume yang saya try sedap. Puas hati…
The ambience is nice too. The restaurant is facing the infamous tasik Titiwangsa, the place is spacious, and they have live performances too. The place is perfect for wedding receptions too.

But what interest me the most is the fish that they rare in the pond. Will tell you more later.

Growing up, I was not thought by my mom to eat “Ikan Air Tawar”. By that, I’m not a fan of any fish falls under that category. I especially “scared” of this one particular fish that I named “Ikan Hodoh” (Ugly fish).Literally because of the way the fish look. In normal circumstances, the name of the fish is actually Ikan Keli. I know, I know, that is very bad for me to say that for the poor fish, but I can’t help it! Ironic enough, my fiance loves the fish. In fact, he’s a fan! Hahaha… padan muka saya. I already made a rule tho. If he were to eat the fish while I was having the meal together with him, he have no choice but to cut the head off. There’s no two way about it… arrgghhh

Coming back to the pond, the restaurant has the Ikan Hodoh in it. Not just one, not just the normal one… what they have is enormous. Let the picture below do the talking.

Saya takut!!!!!

they might look tiny, but believe me, its HUGE!

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