Monday, August 31, 2009

Sis wedding anniversary

17August marked the 2nd anniversary of my younger sister. Dah 2 tahun ok! And she already has a 10 months old baby. And I’m yet to get married.

Anyway, she planned to surprise her hubby with a night stay at Concorde KL. Since my company is having corporate rate with the hotel (and almost every hotel in Malaysia for that matter), I offered to check in for her so that she’ll be able to enjoy the special rate.

To make it more enjoyable, the hotel upgraded to room to Premier. The room is huge and I especially love the bath room (but still cannot beat Hilton or Maya). However the TV is very frustrating. While almost all leading hotels in KL is now using plasma tv in their rooms, Concorde is still using the old bulky ones.

I bought the couple a box of cuppies from cupcakeChic. I left it on their bed for them to enjoy. Hope you enjoyed your stay sis! Congratulations and wishing many happy years to come~ xoxo

Pic: View of Hard Rock Cafe from the room & cuppies curtesy from me :D

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