Monday, August 17, 2009

What do you think of crown for wedding?

Last Friday, my fiance and I both took the day off to settle a few matters for our wedding. First stop is Butik Puteris in Precint 8, Putrajaya. I went there once and immediately felt in love with one of the dress. What makes this boutique special, at least to my eyes, is that it is catered for Muslimah. All the wedding dress comes complete with hijab. What makes it appealing to free-haired bride to be like me is the beautiful design of the dresses, modern style and decent all at the same time. And for free-haired bride to be, they do provide hair accessories as well.

The attire that I chose is a long dress with matching beautiful French lace that comes with a meter long train. I took a picture of the dress but won’t be showing you for now as I want it to be a surprise on my wedding day. Baru la thrill kan? Kalau tak hilang seri :D I was told by the girl that the lace used to make the dress is one of the finest and it cost RM1,000 per meter (a total of 5 meters were used). And the total cost for the dress is RM15K! *gulp* I’ll be extra careful not to ruin/damage the dress.

Next I tried on the nikah outfit. Everyone said it look nice one me, but I’m not so keen of it. I need to look for other alternatives. Kalau takde jugak, then I’ll settle for that one. I’ll be wearing tudung for Nikah and free haired for the reception. I tried on few hair accessories. Once I watched on E! about fashion crime. One of the things listed is bride who wore crown/ tiara on their wedding. Unless you are the next heir on the throne, tiara is a big no-no. Problem is, I tried the hair accessories that “melingkar/ melekap” to your head, but it looks weird on me. And I think I look good in the beauty-pageant-like tiara… What do you think? I don’t think it is too much considering it doesn’t look like a queen crown. Susahnye nak decide!

I would love to have something like this!

Next stop was the printing shop in Jalan Pudu. After 2 hours of browsing, comparing, talking and discussing, we finally came to an agreement on our wedding card. Finally! It is beginning to make me nervous thinking that our wedding is only 3 months away!

Final stop is Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. The aim is to at least get one item pending on my fiance hantaran list. Susah betul la fiance saya sorang nie… sgt la cerewetnye. We wanted to get his pants, shoes or watch. Unfortunately, we spent one and a half hours for his shoes only! He tried few pairs in Bonia, but I can see the hesitation… hehehe. Next he tried few shoes in lacoste. After trying on 6 pairs of shoe, walking back and forth in front of the mirror, and countless questions of “Cantik tak sayang?”, he fainally choose a white pair of casual shoe. Phew! And it cost me RM399… kasut hantaran saya was only RM200 ok. Mahalnye kasut lelaki! Takpe sayang, janji awak puas hati :D

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