Friday, September 15, 2006

cita kawin lagi....

Sue : Liza, bila hang nak kawin?

Me : Entah, blom fikir lagi (Im not being honest to her, and to myself)

Sue : Kalau aku kawin dulu, hang ok tak?

Me : (S*it, D*mnation!! this is not happening to me...)Aku tak kisahlah.... nie bukan zaman dulu2. nape? ko nak kawindah ke?

Sue: Bulan 3 next year aku dgn shah plan nak engage. Hujung tahun nakkawin.

~~~Both of us false into a very uncomfortable silent~~~

Me : Nanti bagi tau Shah, aku nak pilih cincin aku sendiri

In case you dunno, in Malay culture, if your baby sister is getting married before you did, it is called "langkah bendul". And when this happen, thegroom will have to give something to the elder sister as a sign of respect.In most of the cases, the gift would be in the form of ring, or attire.And the worst case scenario is, when this happen, all of our relatives willregard this as something shameful, dirty and unacceptable. My parents will be ashamed.... of me! and they will have to prepare a long list of excusesor explainations with regards as to why Im still un-married. To convince them that Im not a lesbian, that Im a perfect and healthy women who does have feelings for oposite sex.

But being the most educated one in the family, I will not let what othersperceive of me to effect my morale, my dignity, my mission & vission inlife. This is my life, my perogative!
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