Monday, August 06, 2007

Pic worth a thousand words

hye people.. its been a long time.. and so many things are happening. Hmm.. let me just summarize using a few photos and a few write ups. afterall, they said a pic worth a thousand words.. so im posting my pic to save the thousands words Im supposed to write =)
** Its our 3rd anniversary.. and still counting (Sunflowers given by my laling, tq baby - 170707)

** Dun you think this burger looks funny.. or "lucah" i must say.. wonder why the mamak decided to put a dot of chilli souce in the centre bread...hmmm... (Me & Farih lepaking at mamak - 050707-)

** Da team (Gas Business Contingent)

** Jes & I - rite after practice

these pix were taken during my recent tournament held in bangi. We were the first runner up. better luck next year guys! (05-140707)

Went to MAPEX in Midvalley with my best buddy, anne. There are lots and lots of beautiful houses nowadays.. but of course with a price to pay. Price dat I dun think Im afford at the moment. But there is one appartment that caught our attention tho. And we paid a small money for booking fee. hahaha.. dis is what they called "keje gile". But am still deciding. kalau tak suka nanti, I will just ask for refund. We had laksa for lunch and later urgent to Damansara to accompany my sis and her fiance for wedding dress fitting and make up testing. I dun actually admire the dress, but the happy look on the face of the bride-to-be makes me decided to reserve my comment to myself instead. As long as they are happy.. who cares how the wedding dress looks like, rite? And my baby sister will look gorgeous in almost anything that she wear.
Later anne and I decided to hang out a little bit more with each other (hahaha.. banyak betul gossip). We went to subang parade. I baught a new book (Paradise by Judith). And later we spend most of the evening drinking twister at Dome. We spend almost 2 hours there. She sent me home after that. I left KL at around 2am. Farih is attending a wedding dinner, and since he is driving, we have no choice but to wait for him. Reached kerteh at 6am. I slept until 8am (darn... only 2 hours of sleep) and lost my concentration thru out the day. Macam high jer sepanjang hari.. weng pun ada.. hahaha... Left office immediately after work and guess what. I "passed out" starting from 6.30pm rite until 6.30am the next morning.. best giler! 12hours of sleep..
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