Friday, July 31, 2009


Sara called me this morning, she said our plan to play badminton tonite is on. yeay! tapi one tiny weeny problem. Saya takde reket. tennis reket I have.. hehe.

So, naturally lepas keje I went to find one. Fiance suggested to look at Giant sebb nearer to my house, so less traffic (Traffic on Friday, I cant find words to describe it).

(I heard Giant Kota Damansara is the biggest in Asia Pasific Region... betul ke? Another thing to be proud of as Kota Damansara residence :D)

Masa dok pilih reket tu, I noticed this indian lady with her 4 kids. Nothing significant about them, but the reason why i notice them is because of the loud noise made by her kids... So i just ignored, proceed to the cashier, bayar and proceed to my car parked at the oper air parking lot.

Tetiba masa nak masukkan barang dalam kerete, the same Indian lady approach me. Here's our conversation:

Lady: Excuse me, do you know where i can find taxi
(from her pronouciation, i believe she is not Malaysian)

Me: I dont think you can find taxi here, this place is quite remote (ye la, Giant nie mcm kat atas bukit sikit).

Lady: *looking worried* I need to get a taxi

Me: How do you get here?

Lady: We walk from OU (her kids said the same together... which is freaky)

Me: so far away??? how can you walk from there? I have taxi phone number if you wanna call them

Kid 1: we dont have hp.

Me: owh... (then start rasa tak best and quickly get to driver seat)

Lady: If you dun mind, can u pls help send us to Ikea?

(Owh crap.. suddenly I started recalling all the e-mails send by my friends about weird incidents like this which lead to something bad)

Me: owh, i'm not passing Ikea, my home is just near here. I'm sorry
(quickly get inside the car, lock the door, and leave)

So, what do you think? are they up to sumthing bad? Did i made the right move/ decision?

I feel bad tho leaving them just like that, if there are innocent that is :(


Kapitan Melayu Melaka said...

You cant simply trust people nowadays.

Anonymous said...

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