Monday, May 28, 2007

Touch wood

Bad luck – part I

090507- Went to kuantan for a movie with my 7 other frens. We left home at 7.30. Reached kuantan at 9. Movie ends around 11.30. And reached home again at around 1.30am. It was quite tiring but it worth since u get to spend ur time with frens and treat ur self to a good movie.
I decided to read a little until my eyes get really sleepy. It was pouring really heavily outside. Suddenly I saw water came pouring down from the wall of my room. I got panicked and quickly jump out of my bed to rescue everything that is in contact with the floor. While I was busy ferrying my stuff from room to the living hall, the situation worsen. By now, rain water came pouring down from the ceiling. And 3 minutes after that, electricity was out. Hysterically I woke up the rest of my housemates. They help to clear my room. We stood in the darkness and feet soaked in the water for the next 30 minutes trying to figure out what to do next and who to call. To our dismay, the maintenance guy told us that it is impossible for them to repair the roof in the heavy rain, leaving alone fixing the electricity up. That leaves us no choice but to get back to sleep. At 4am, I slept in the master bedroom which was least affected, while stressing my self out on all the cleaning work dat I have to do to my room… on the brighter note, at least my room was not as bad as Ita’s. Since she was on outstation, all her electrical appliances (TV, Hi-fi, radio, dvd player, astro decoder, etc) got soak in the rain water…. Poor her!

Bad luck – part 2

130507-Left KL around 10pm with ita and moon. Ita drove her car. When we reached Kuantan at around 12.30pm, she got so sleepy that she asked me to take turn to drive. So I did. I hate to recall the incident, but to save myself from recalling every detail of the unfortunate incidents; I’ll cut the long story short. I hit the plastic divider (thank God it was plastic!) on the road… two of them! I pulled the car over to the side of the road to inspect the damaged. The registration plate gone, and there’s a small dent on the front boot. Great! Just great! Just what I needed right now!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Destination - Perhentian Island, Terengganu, 270407

My new frens... we just got out from water after snorkeling. The boat man took us to 5 spots for snorkeling. Corals points, shark points, turtle points, and the last one I’m not sure what it is since I decided to stay on the boat.. Sea sick =) There are a total of 18 people in my group, only I manage to spot the shark… hahaha. The experience was priceless! The corals was beautiful.. lots and lots of colors. So do the fishes. I saw hundreds of exotic fishes with different colors. Nemo pun ada… haha. Cute!

And did I mention how lovely the sea water was? It was cold during the day and warm during the night. the water was sparkling, with the bluish and greenish in color and crystal clear. You can just look down from the boat to be able to see the corals and even fishes swimming. It was just like a huge, borderless swimming pool. I always tot dat I will have to save money so dat one day Im able to swim in those lovely, warm, clear water like the one dat I saw in the discovery channel. Places far, far away like bora-bora or miami, or australia. And those white sandy beach. It was as if someone had spread "tepung gandum" throughout the beach area. It was white, and soft... I like =D

No words can describe the experience. Its a must visit island. And I just got to find out from a fren that perhentian was ranked 6th on the most beautiful beaches on this planet! Enuf reason to put Perhentian as your next vacation destination! hehehe...

View from the restaurant... breath-taking!! we spent hours and hours here. Enjoying a hot cup of coffee, reading book, playing cards, listening to the slow song, or simply doing nothing, just gazing to the crystal clear water... time is all that we have here.

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