Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Orang Berbudi Kita Berbahasa :D

Last week my dad went to his fruit farm in Johor. Now is the season. So my dad is busy going up and down from KL to Johor to arrange for some of his fruits to be purchased by MARDI.

One day I received a text from him that reads “Come to my house A.S.A.P to get pulasan and rambutan”. So naturally I went (I’m a fan of rambutan!). I took a sack full of rambutan, pulasan and some bananas. The fruits are one of best I've ever tested. Manis, lekang, and all. According to my dad, he spent a lot to ensure he got the best breed.

Since I believe it is totally impossible for me to finish the fruits alone, I decided to give some to my neighbors. There are altogether four units (including mine) on my floor. They were so happy to receive it (or at least they appear happy… hehehe). And I’m happy too as my sack full of fruits is now down to only one plastic bag.

So last night, while having my dinner and watching the news on TV, I heard the bell on my door rang. It was my neighbor, tersengih with a plastic container in one hand. It was cempedak (what is it called in English ye? Jackfruit is nangka… what is cempedak?). Awwwhhhh… it was so sweet of him to return the favor. I saw another 2 container in his hand and I assume it is for the other 2 neighbor.

Thank you neighbor! Although he is Chinese and I’m Malay, we prove that Malaysia is after all harmony. One Malaysia!

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