Wednesday, September 02, 2009

too little time, so many things to do

It is about 3 months left to my wedding. Plus and minus puasa, raya, my endless outstations, etc, ada la lebih kurang 2 months. Adoi!

It triggers my nervous higher after having a conversation with a friend of mine who is getting married a week after mine.

Him: Kau punye preparation so far macam mana?
Me: ok kot.. huhu. kau?
Him: So far benda2 penting dah settle. Kau dah beli cincin?
Me: Blom. kau?
Him: Dah, kitorang beli last week. Habib tgh sale nie. Baik ko beli cepat. Card?
Me: Blom. Kau?
Him: 2 weeks before raya dapat la... ko ni relax jer ye.

It is freaking me out! they have already registered with the Kadi. Dah buat HIV test, and other stuff as well. As for me, i have few other things still pending on my checklist (at least I have a checklist). Caterer for nikah, kompang group, cincin, few other stuff for hantaran, favor for akad nikah. arrrrgghhhh saya tatut! baju nikah pun blom ada. Ok, I have to make a promise to myself. I will focus on my wedding more this week onwards!

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