Saturday, September 19, 2009

1 Syawal 1430H

"Ini wang aku gantikan keatas beras fitrah sebanyak RM7 wajib keatas diriku kerana Allah ta'ala"

Those are more or less the "lafaz" that are required for muslims to recite when paying for their zakat fitrah. This year is the first time I'm paying the fitrah. Not that I didnt pay them the previous years. Before would ask my brother in law to represent myself, but this year the timing was wrong, and everyone had paid theirs except for me.

My father stop paying my share of zakat fitrah once I started working. I'm not sure how it works but most of my friends that I know, their parents will be paying for them until they are married. It is not the $7 that I'm making a big fuss about, it is the sense of beloging, knowing that someone is responsible towards you. As for me, I'm responsible on myself, so I have to pay my own zakat. I'm not sad, I'm just saying.

Next year IsyaAllah my hubby will start paying for me. Finally someone will be responsible for me.

Ok, now I'm talking crap.

Its alread 12.59am. Today muslims all over the world is celebrating Eid Fitri. I would like to take the chance to wish all of you a happy Hari Raya, maaf zahir & batin

1 Syawal, 20 Sept 209

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