Tuesday, September 08, 2009


We finally got our honeymoon package! Thanks to MATTA Fair, I believe we got the best bargain in town. We went there at 10.30am. And after almost 4 hours walking around the 3 halls in PWTC, asking questions, browsing, and comparing, we finally got what we want. It was totally worth it. Thanks fiance... sayang awak :)

You hafta pay RM3/person for entrance (Dapat nylon beg to put all flyers kot and also face mask)

We paid RM2,300 (well, my fiance paid.. hehe)and below are the package that we got:

- 4D3N stay in private villa (in the mountain area facing the beach)
- Private pool and jacuzzi
- 2 hours couple aromatherapy spa
- daily breakfast to be served at villa (and we get to set the breakfast time, all you have to do is call)
- romantic dinner at villa
- Welcome drink, honeymoon cake, special flower arrangements in room
- 1 romantic dinner at beach
- Tour

owh I cant wait! Since the villa tersangat la best, we decided to spend more time in the villa and less time touring the place... hehehe. We will go to few tourist attraction spots and leave the rest for our next visit. Fiance suggested for us to set up Vacation fund so that we will make it a point to travel every year. Next stop is Liverpool. Heh! obsess taw dgn the team... apa2 la sayang, janji jalan :D

The travelling agent also was kind enough to give us beg tag. There were 3 colors to choose from. Since it took me so long to decide between the 3 colors (green, black or red), the agent decided to give us all 3! hehehe. I know it was nothing, but small things counts rite?

Some preview of the villa. Menarik kan?

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