Tuesday, September 15, 2009

H.I.V Screening

I've been dreading one part of the wedding to-do-list that is H.I.V screening. I hate needles. Well, in another word, I'm scared of it. But it was one of the requirement. Therefor, it is not an option.

So today we took half of the day off to do the test. There is only one clinic in Petaling Jaya authorized by Jabatan Agama Islam for the screening, that is the government clinic in Kelana Jaya.

We arrived at 1.50pm, and we can see that there were already few people lining up infront of the entrance. The clinic is closed during lunch time and H.I.V test is only carried out after 2pm daily.

After filling up the forms, we waited patiently (and nervously, for me that is) for our turn. In-fact, we are the first couple to arrived for the test. There are about few more couples afer us.

My fiance were called first. The test were conducted just over the counter. All you have to do is extend your hand to the nurse, and the rest, i dindnt know as i was sooo affraid to watch. And my fiance is done. I look at his face for any sign of pain. He just smiled.

Me: Awak, sakit tak?
Him: Nak saya tipu or cakap betul2?
Me: Awak!!!
Him: hehehe.. saya rasa awak mesti rasa sakit sikit... tapi sikit jer... awak jgn menjerit tau.. buat malu jer...

And my turn comes. I put on a brave face and walk over to the counter. The nurse confirm my name once again. Then she took out a fresh test kit. Inside the kit, i can see an alcohol cotton sheet, a test strip, a tiny pump (to collect the blood) and most importantly, needle, well, not the traditional looking needle, this is a small square box, where the nurse will place it at the point of your index fingure, and with one push (it has spring i guess), the tip of your fingure will bleed.

when the nurse is begining to wipe my fingure with the alcohol sheet, i quickly glance away to look at my fiance, and "pop"! the needles in and out, and the nurse collected my blood using the tiny pump and place it on the test strip. It did hurt little bit. But not enough to bring out tears.. hehehe. The nurse then instructed us to wait infront of another counter for the result.

After 10 minutes of waiting, the result is out. "Non-Active", for both of us. Meaning we are free from the virus. And this simply mean that we are allowed to be married. Another step closer :)

Tonite, fiance will be meeting with his kadi. Once it is registered with Jabatan Agama Islam, I will begin with my registration (apparently that is the required step)

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