Thursday, September 24, 2009


This is the first year I'm celebrating hari raya as someone's fiance. And this year will be the last year for me celebrating raya as a bechalor. Next year I will be celebrating it with my hubby (IsyaAllah).

But belive me or not, as of today, 6th day of Hari Raya, I still didnt have the chance to "beraya" with my fiance. At first it was ok with me, until my friends begin to share their Hari Raya experiences.

Friend 1: Tunang aku 3rd raya dah balik KL, raya rumah aku pulak
Friend 2: Pagi raya aku raya rumah tunang aku dulu, then baru balik kg. Jalan pun tak jem by that time
Friend 3: Aku cuti 2 hari jer... nak raya rumah tunang aku pulak
Cousin: Dulu masa still couple, hubby aku 2nd raya drive all the way from Pahang datang KL sebb nak raya kat umah aku..

Suddenly I feel really2 sad :( I really2 miss my fiance, and cant hel but to think that I'm not his priority. I'm not asking to put me first instead of his parents, but at least give me a spot, sumwhere in his priority list.

Sedey :(

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