Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Buka Puasa

Last saturday I have training in the office. The training took the whole day. Adoi, sangat la tak suka training di bulan puasa. Later in the evening, my fiance decided to come to KLCC to breakfast with me.

We went to Chilis.At 5.30pm, the que is starting to build up. We were number 3 in the que. I asked the waiter and were told that they stop all guest coming in to the restaurant at 5.45pm to give room to Buka Puasa batch and we will only be allowed in at 6.15pm. Gosh! we hafta que for another 45mins! Nasib la ada fiance, boleh la jugak manja2 mintak dia tolong carry my handbag.

Well, this is what we had. Lupa dah apa nama dia. But fiance had the mini cheese burgers (apparently it is new on the menu), i had chicken salad (nak start diet la konon), and brownies for desert. Yummy!

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