Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dave's Deli

Fiance and I went to Subang Parade yesterday for Buka Puasa. We really thought that 2 days before Hari Raya would simply mean that less people in the shopping mall as most of them would be heading back to respective home town already.

Well, we thought wrong. As early as 5.30pm, most of the restaurant had already stop taking reservations for Buka Puasa. Imagine that!

So we are only left with one option, Dave's Deli. Growing up, me and my school friends frequent this restaurant every now and then to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, gathering and so on. One of the reason is because of the environtment of the restaurant, the menu (they have roasted chicken, and the best lasagne of all time) and most importantly is the affordable price.


Roasted chicken with sides (Coleslow & Mashed potatos)

2in1 combo (beef lasagne & bolognies)

Coming in to the restaurant, u can see a huge banner hanged on top of the entrance that reads "Ramadhan special: Complimentary Sirap Bandung & Kurma". So we decided to order just one drink. We made our order, paid the amount, and secured a table. Later we decided to walk around the mall while waiting for buka puasa time.

At 7pm, we went to the restaurant. Our food is already on the table, but no folk & spoon, no tissue, no drinks. Then buka puasa time arrived. Fiance went to the counter to get our drinks (that we ordered and paid for). He waited almost 10 mins just to get the drink and fork & spoon. I can see few waiters running around the place. So un organized. So inefficient. I dont see the purpose for all of the customers to pre-ordered their food only to find that they are not ready in time.

In the end, we still did not get to taste/ enjoy the so called COMPLIMENTARY kurma or the Sirap Bandung. Not that im so suck up for free things, but dont promise if you cant deliver.

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