Thursday, September 24, 2009

3D Movie

Have you ever seen a 3D movie before? I have, twice. First was the movie "Journey to Centre of the Earth". I went with my nephew, nene. The movie was great as it was fast moving and I always have a thing for fantasy and animated movie. Nene had fun. As it was 3D, my nephew cant sit still as he kept on standing and extending is hands in attempt to grab whatever things flying towards our direction. It looks real!

Recently I went to watch Final Destination 4 with my fiance. I didnt enjoy it. I belive those who watched Final Destination 1, 2, and 3 would agree with me that the way all the cast in the movie died was very brutal. I had brutal. I love peace.. hehe. I was restless through out the movie. Not only that I have to watch them die brutally, but also in 3D! imagine that... huhu.. I closed my eyes most of the part. Especially the "dying" part.

And also, 3D movie makes my head spin. Porbably because of the special 3D glasses that you have to wear throughout the screening for the 3D effect. I had to take it out several time to relax my eyes. You have no choice but to put it on back as the picture on the screen is overlaping, unlike the normal screening. Do you get what I'm saying? hahaha

To get the first hand experience, I would suggest for you to try it on your own, then decide. The price is RM18/pax as opposed to the normal cinema price which is RM10/pax.

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