Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hari Raya & such

This year's raya was not as bad I tot it would be. My 2nd sis came with her family from Penang. However my lil sis went back to her hubby's kampung in N9.
Went for Solat Raya with 2nd sis and her family. Tak jauh pun, kat surau sebelah rumah.

First and second raya was filled with visiting relatives house. I was trying really hard to maintain my diet, but all the food was simply too delicous. The tomato rice that my father made (tomato rice is my fav!) is finger liking good that I had to have it twice!

My lil sis came back to KL on second raya. So malam tu all of us (1st sis, 2nd sis, me, and lil sis) went for drinks at Old Town White Coffee in Jalan Yap Kawn Seng. The place was really crowded. We had to wait for about 10 minutes before being seated. 2 tables away from ours was one of the most famous host in Malaysia, which is Aznil Nwwi. Non of us are his fan, so we just ignored. We sisters starting to talk about our childhood. The sweet, and fun experience. And naturally our voice became louder and once in a while statring to lough histerically. It was loud, i must admit. But, the kopitiam is not a fine dining restaurant of any sort. So i really belive it was acceptable. But the clan at Aznil's table starting to turn and making remark. At one point, they are begining to mock our talk, giggles and laugh. I know they wanted to offend us, but we just ignored. After 2 hours or so, we decided it was time to go home (it was already 3am). As we leave the table one by one, we heard Aznil (yes, the man himself) pass a remark "Hye dah puas gelak? nak balik dah ke????" To me, it is acceptable if it came from an average Joe. You are a celebrity la... come on. The so called the hisgest paid Host in Malysia. Please carry your image well. You have to behave no matter in what circumstances. Before, I was never your fan, but now, I begin to hate you. Dah la tak straight, mulut plak macam perempuan. you sucks man!

Anyway, I started working on Wednesday as i didnt take any extra leave for Hari Raya (nak save annual leave for wedding preparation). And as predicted, the road was empty and so is the parking lot at KJ LRT. Normally the parking lot will be full at 7am. But that day, although it was already 7.05am, im still facing difficulties, only this time, difficulties in choosing a spot as there were sooooo many to choose from!

It didnt get any better at the office. There were all together 4 people at the floor I'm working at. Boring like hell. I spent 97.99% of the day surfing the net. Im just not on the mood to work. Sorry boss!

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