Monday, March 01, 2010

Sakae Sushi

Hubby and I are a fan of Japanese food. I've been wanting to try out a restaurant in The Curve, so we decided to have our lunch there. The restaurant is called Sakae Sushi

Hubby is starving, so while waiting for his Yokubari Gozem set to arrive (See picture below), we decided to try out a few sushi plates that is placed on the conveying belt/ train, except there was none! I mean, there were a few on the train, but they are all the of same type. This is totally opposite as compared to Sushi King which place various types/ selections. All you have to do is wait for the one that you like, pick it out from the train, and enjoy! That way, you don't have to wait too long, and just choose, pick, choose and pick. You don't lose your momentum!

Since there were almost no sushi available for us to pick, we place our order. And I was shock that we had to wait nearly 45 minutes for our sushi to arrive. It was just a freaking sushi! I wonder what took the chef so long to prepare it. And there were not many other customer dining there at that particular time. I had to call the waiter and tell her that if my food did not come in the next 5 minutes, I like to cancel it and leave. heh!

Look at the almost empty train. Might as well you don't put it there! it defeat the purpose.

One view of the restaurant. It also has an outdoor area. Notice the computer screen at each of the table? Supposedly all you have to do is browse their menu on the screen and just click on your pick, and the selection will go straight to the kitchen. I find this very convenient as opposed to the waiter waiting and tapping their pen impatiently for you to browse the menu, decide and order your food. But sadly, it doesn't work. I meant it literally, my computer screen doesn't work... hahahha. So we have to opt for the conventional approach. Apa la, konon nak canggih sangat.

Breaded chicken cutlet with chicken curry (I find this weird, Japanese set with curry??), Grilled Scallop (this taste absolutely delicious!), Salmon Terriyaki,Steamed rice & Miso Soup.

My spicy Salmon Roll, trust me, it is spicy. To me it taste weird, sushi/roll that has been Malaysianize.. Will never order this again, ever.

Our verdict: Food is good, but service sucks! Hubby totally banned the place and say we will stick to Sushi King for our next Sushi trip

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