Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bargain Items

I went to the newly opened Carrefour near our house in SS11 Kota Damansara last night with hubby to buy some essentials. We went there quite late as hubby is too hungry and decided to have our dinner first. As we are about to get to the cashier counter, I notice at the bakery and food area, Carrefour is promoting the items at discounted price. I was told that most of the store did this close to their closing hour as they wanted to clear off the items cooked on that day. I must say the items are pretty cheap. They discounted most of the food items more then 50%. Since we are pretty full at that time (Thank God we had our dinner, if not habis semua kitorang beli), we decided just to buy the spicy fried chicken. It was on sale for only RM0.90 for 2 pieces! That is less then RM0.50 per piece. So now you know the trick huh? Hehehe

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