Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ais Kacang, Ais Kacang
Bila cuaca panas dan rasa dahaga
Singgah di kedai, ais kacang diminta
Susu dan jagung, kacang dan lengkong
Air gula berwarna
Campur semua, enak rasanya
Kegemaran kita semua.......

Above is a school rhyme that I learn in primary school. Hands up to those who is familiar with that song?

Air Batu Campur or famously known as ABC. Best to have it especially during hot weather... like now. So last Sunday hubby decided to take me to this ABC stall in Shah Alam that he used to go during his Uni years.

Are you tempted? trust me, it is really, really, really good


What I love most about this is that is has lots and lots of peanuts.. Im nut about peanut

Did you notice the chocolate like toppings? it is actually thick Milo! and that is the secret that makes this ABC special, and yummy

You can find this extra special ABC in SS2 food court, in Shah Alam. Look for Fradoo ABC.


Anonymous said...

aku x sangka ko blh igt lirik lagu abc tu..
very impressive..ko kan selalu lupa2.. :)

lizamohamed said...

hahaha.. aku paling suka lagu ni. tu sebb aku ingat.

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