Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mee Gulam Kota Damansara

Been wanting to tell you all about this place for long time. But somehow I miss placed the pictures. Now baru jumpa, so let me share my experience.

The name of this Restaurant is Mee Gulam. The owner took up 2 end lots and convert this place into a huge restaurant. However, most of the customer occupies the open air area (sumhow I found Malaysian prefer open-air environment especially during evening and night.

Mee Gulam is a stall concept restaurant that offers variety selection ranging from sate, ikan bakar, nasi lemak and sotong kangkong to mee udang, mee rebus and char koey teow (and many more!)

Open Air space in between of 2 end-lots shop (of which owned by Mee Gulam)

Our table number, 123. I wonder if that is how many table they have there! (tak sempat nak kira)

Hubby's meal - Mee Rebus Gulam. I suppose it is tasty because he finished all (tak sempat nak rasa)

Mine - Char Koey Teow. My verdict, biasa jer... I've tasted better in Ampang (Hubby says the Koey Teow looks so disgusting in this picture.. heheheh)

Overall, this place is ok. Especially if you want to hang out with huge group of family and friends. Tapi air dia FAIL. tak sedap langsung.

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