Friday, July 24, 2009

girl talk

Had lunch with my Kerteh friends at a Sushi Restaurant. The set that we ordered were delicious. Although the price is not that expensive, surprisingly the taste is not like the typical food court Japanese food. It was decent, well presented and delicious.

Over the almost 2 hour lunch, we sure made lots of talks and definitely catching up on gossips. I was made to understand that there is a new girl who joint the company and is apparently labeled as “hot” among the guys, although my friends didn’t agree with that. According to them, her height and slim build up are the attributes that made her “look” hot. Well, that is not what we are bitching about. The problem with this “hot” chick is that she’s been bf hopping. Making promises and breaking people’s heart. Well, what can we say, serve the men right, right? They always go for good look, and personality comes second. You ask for it guys!

Next topic on the plate is BRAZILIAN WAX! My friend is sharing her experience doing it. And ouch, hell it hurts (according to her la kan…). She is doing it at Strip Ministry of Waxing, The Curve. Apparently, it is a Singapore Company and now spreading its wing to Malaysia. They also have another branch in Bangsar. Well, back to the wax experience. She said that for first timer, you cant help but to fee a little bit “violated’ as you are required to literally strip from waist down and SPREAD your legs for them to wax all the hair away. And she said it is more painful for “front” part as compared to the “back” part. And you get to choose the design! Wohoo…. They can perform art on your private part (hehehe,,, it rhymes) The price for Brazilian Wax (all clean) is slightly higher. The price starts from RM140 (if I’m not mistaken). You can also opt for bikini wax and the place also offers other services which include manicure and pedicure. According to my friend, the professionalism of the staff that is performing the services will somehow make you feel comfortable throughout the process. Plus, the sexy, clean and fresh feeling that you feel afterwards is what matters the most. I’m gonna give it a try soon, and share my experience with all of you, that is when I finally gather all the courage needed 

On another note, driving back home this evening, I encounter a very interesting or rather sad experience. Stopping at a traffic light, the girl who’s car is next to mine caught my attention. She is all glamorous and trendy (tapi tak lawa pun… hahaha, jahat!). Nice cloths, full make-up, big sun-glasses, cigarette on one hand and was nodding her head to the music playing on her radio. Maybe sebab dia rasa bosan, she took out a chewing gum, unwrapped it, gum into the mouth and to my horror, out go the wrapper through the window! Hello Cik Kak, awak tu melawa jer pandai, tapi sgt la teruk perangai. Have you heard of Global Warming? Or pollution for that matter? Buruk perangai tu makcik! Eeee… geram!

Ok la, dunno y I’m stressed over this tiny weeny matter. PMS kot (blame it on the PMS again).

Well people, save the environment. Peace!

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